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  1. This week's Thursday File author, CJ Clevenger, has provided some insight into how this week's file will operate: You can discuss the file here.
  2. David

    using cross-x

    If you click your username in the top right and select Client Area, you'll find an option for Purchases. Or: http://www.cross-x.com/index.php?app=nexus&module=clients&section=purchases
  3. If the LD community wanted to simply utilize Cross-X instead of starting and funding a new site, there would be no problem with making more forums than just this one to accommodate, as well as electing/appointing moderators to ensure those forums are civil.
  4. First, a big thanks to everyone who has served as a moderator. It's much appreciated. Now, after 152 members cast 1,175 votes, we have the results for new moderators. Congratulations to the winners. The full results are listed below. Note: The number of mods/forum is listed next to the title, and winners are listed in italics. Help Me....... - 2 Dr. Fox On Socks 52 mdawgig 16 Habler 3 Novice Center - 3 Rawrcat 15 X Spike 11 DML 11 Snarf 4 Ryan! 3 Theory - 2 TheHutt 30 DML 9 Ho Chi Minh 2 Culture - 1 King of All Cosmos 36 Dave 8 mdawgig 5 InTheFlesh 2 Other Forms of Debate - 1 Dr. Fox On Socks 16 Snarf 2 InTheFlesh 0 Bogey D. Bearcat 0 Virtual Debates and Online Videos - 1 mdawgig 21 liampirate 17 TheSpecifier 5 Habler 4 Space Exploration - 2 liampirate 17 kevinwy 16 Disadvantages and Counterplans - 2 TheHutt 23 stantheman 15 Ryan! 2 Critiques - 3 X Spike 17 Lemur 16 DML 8 The Heideggerean Cookie 6 Ho Chi Minh 2 Topicality and Procedurals - 2 TheHutt 16 kevinwy 9 Evidence Trading - 2 mdawgig 31 Brian D. Gonzaba 23 Habler 5 LilMax 1 Current Events - 1 neural link 28 Johnny Bravo 12 Thoughts and Ideas - 1 Dr. Fox On Socks 24 Johnny Bravo 6 Non-Debate Debates - 1 Dr. Fox On Socks 25 Johnny Bravo 6 Complain - 1 King of All Cosmos 17 InTheFlesh 4 artie 15 Arts (Tech Sub-Forum) - 1 artie 29 Dr. McNinja 2 InTheFlesh 1 Sports - 1 Dub8dude 10 artie 8 theglobalcowboy 5 Miscellaneous - 1 King of All Cosmos 30 Rawrcat 8 X Spike 6 DML 6 Johnny Bravo 2 artie 5 Ho Chi Minh 1 National Circuit - 2 kevinwy 26 Brian D. Gonzaba 15 Pacific - 2 TheHutt 9 liampirate 3 Mountain - 1 New2Debate 12 Southwest - 3 robllawrence 4 artie 4 Dave 4 Skirtsteak 1 Great Plains - 1 Ryan! 9 Gordon Black 0 Great Lakes - 1 kevinwy 7 Northeast - 1 Ankur 2 Mid Atlantic - 1 shreethebsmaster 3 South - 1 flirt77 10 Kansas - 2 mdawgig 14 Johnny Bravo 8 Habler 7 Ho Chi Minh 0 Missouri - 2 Bogey D. Bearcat 11 Dr. McNinja 3 Texas - 2 Lemur 7 stantheman 3 X Spike 2 Studley Dudley 2 Rawrcat 0 8 Minutes of Inherency in the 1NC - 1 X Spike 12 Rawrcat 8 Chaos 6 Ho Chi Minh 1 College - 1 shreethebsmaster 18 Judging - 1 Dr. Fox On Socks 11 Dave 6 Coaching - 1 robllawrence 11
  5. David


    Sorry I didn't make this explicit in the first post, but you must have 5 posts in a given forum to vote in it.
  6. David


    Elections have now begun. You can vote by either going here or clicking the "Mod Election" link in the header. You must have 5 posts in a given forum to vote in it. The first time you load the page may be a little slow as we calculate where you're eligible to vote, but after that you should be able to see your entire ballot. You may vote for one person per forum, or for no one if you wish. When you return to the ballot, your previous votes should be pre-selected and you are allowed to change your vote. And, to throw a wrench into some candidates' platforms, there has been a minor change to the rep system.
  7. Sorry everyone. Elections were supposed to begin today, but I'm still waiting on a few candidates to reply to a message I sent, and a few bugs need to be fixed in the new voting system. Elections will now start on Sunday July 31st and run for two weeks, until August 14th.
  8. We finally have at least one candidate in all forums, and voting for new moderators will begin Sunday, July 24th. Voting will be open for one week, until Sunday, July 31st. A full list of candidates can be found here. We will continue to accept candidates until voting begins.
  9. We are still looking for more moderator candidates. A complete list can be found in my previous announcement, but here are the areas we're still looking to fill: The following forums have 1 candidate: Great Lakes, Mid Atlantic, Mountain, Northeast, South, College, Judging, Coaching. Note: We may run "elections" with only one candidate. Also, tonight I will be performing some back-end server upgrades so the site may be unavailable, but any downtime should be minimal. Update: Downtime took a little longer than anticipated, but everything should be fine now.
  10. First post has been updated with the latest candidates. Elections will likely start about a week after we've received enough applications.
  11. Sorry for the delay everyone, we're nearly ready to start mod elections. We are still looking for more candidates. The following forums have 1 candidate: Great Lakes, Mid Atlantic, Mountain, Northeast, South, College, Judging, Coaching. Included below is a list of all candidates so far. Everyone please double check to make sure you're listed where you expected/wanted. Help Me Fox On Socks mdawgig Habler Novice Center Rawrcat rjk X Spike DML Snarf Theory DML TheHutt Culture King of All Cosmos InTheFlesh mdawgig Other Forms of Debate Fox On Socks Snarf InTheFlesh Ben? Virtual Debates and Online Videos mdawgig liampirate TheSpecifier Habler Space kevinwy liampirate Disadvantages and Counterplans rjk stantheman TheHutt Critiques Lemur X Spike DML The Heideggerean Cookie Topicality and Procedurals TheHutt kevinwy Evidence Trading mdawgig Brian D. Gonzaba Habler LilMax Current Events neural link Johnny Bravo Thoughts and Ideas Fox On Socks Johnny Bravo Non-Debate Debates Fox On Socks Johnny Bravo Complain King of All Cosmos InTheFlesh artie Arts (Tech sub-forum) Dr. McNinja InTheFlesh artie Sports Dub8dude artie theglobalcowboy Miscellaneous King of All Cosmos Rawrcat X Spike DML Johnny Bravo artie National Circuit kevinwy Brian D. Gonzaba Pacific TheHutt liampirate Mountain New2Debate Southwest Skirtsteak robllawrence artie Great Plains Gordon Black rjk Great Lakes kevinwy Northeast Ankur Mid Atlantic shreethebsmaster South flirt77 Kansas Habler Johnny Bravo mdawgig Missouri Dr. McNinja Ben? Texas Rawrcat Lemur X Spike stantheman Studley Dudley 8 Minutes of Inherency Rawrcat Chaos X Spike College shreethebsmaster Judging Fox On Socks Coaching robllawrence
  12. Welcome to the new and improved Cross-X.com. There are a lot of changes, and maybe some kinks too, but we're here. I'd love to fill you in, but I have to begin the first leg of driving #TOC2011. There will be more announcements detailing the improvements upon existing features, as well as new features. Thanks. P.S. Don't like the new design? Try changing colors! Click on the paint bucket just below the search bar.
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