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    Octofinals qualifier to the Tournament of Champions https://www.tabroom.com/index/tourn/index.mhtml?tourn_id=9800
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    Octofinals qualifier to the Tournament of Champions https://www.tabroom.com/index/tourn/index.mhtml?tourn_id=9270
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    Octofinals Qualifier to the Tournament of Champions https://www.tabroom.com/index/tourn/index.mhtml?tourn_id=10274
  4. The National Federation of State High School Associations is a broad group that governs multiple sports and activities at the high school level. They provide a number of debate resources, including argument and strategy presentations. They also have guides for judging and running tournaments.
  5. The National Association for Urban Debate Leagues provides support for the various regional UDLs across the country. They also have a collection of videos and a list of open positions at regional UDLs.
  6. The National Debate Coaches Association hosts an annual national tournament. They also sponsor the Open Evidence Project, which compiles evidence from camps around the nation as well as a novice packet designed to help new debaters get started. The NDCA also provides resources for coaches, including curriculum, how to run a tournament, and a professional conference.
  7. The National Speech & Debate Association provides information on membership as well as district and national tournaments. They also provide resources for students and coaches, including scholarships, publications, and job openings.
  8. The site was previously running on unsupported software, so it was upgraded to the latest version. There are still tweaks and changes to be made, like some of the more garish parts of the theme. Other theme options will be available in the future. That's the goal. Upgrading the software was the first step, now I'll start working on smoothing over the rough edges, then integrating new features.
  9. Yes, all earned commission will be paid in full. The software the powers the site groups repeated requests, and properly tracks the full amount earned.
  10. I apologize. Quite simply, this community deserves better. I am sorry. An email with more details will soon be sent to Evazon authors. Here's the gist: If you are owed money, please send a new payout request with current payment information. I know some addresses and emails have changed, so to ensure accurate payment I'd like to confirm the proper recipient and preferred method. PayPal payments will be sent quickly, checks will be sent in weekly batches. In the near future, payouts through PayPal will be automated.
  11. David

    Semiocaptialism K

    Phantom707 is exactly correct. The file has now been approved. It's nice to review files to ensure they don't contain malware, and are what they claim to be.
  12. David


    I'm sending out PMs now to everyone with a payout request. I'll be changing/streamlining the process in the future, and I'm incredibly sorry about the delay.
  13. You've been added Sam. If anyone else is interested in becoming an author, send me a PM.
  14. The feed button is back. A software upgrade randomly changed some settings and I'm addressing them as I find them. No more repping yourself
  15. Apologies for the interruption. Cross-X has been offline for the last day to address a potential security issue and perform some necessary server-related maintenance. Our software provider announced a security vulnerability on Sunday that was patched within hours. I detected an attempt at exploiting the website, but after further investigation have determined that no serious breach has occurred. There will be more announcements over the coming days about changes to Cross-X, including the return of the Thursday File.I take security and stability very seriously, and while I have managed Cross-X there has never been a serious intrusion. Cross-X also does not store payment data in order to limit potential exposure. Click here to view the article
  16. I've sent private messages to both of you. If you have any further issues feel free to contact me directly.
  17. I'm looking at the issue with DebateVision now. It appears to be a problem with specific versions of Google Chrome. I should have it fixed soon, or another browser should work as well.
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    The troll formerly known as gordangekko1987 AKA lesgrossman has been banned and posts removed. Except this topic. While spreading is a highly accepted practice, there is certainly room to discuss its merits.
  19. David

    Nuclear Malthus

    The file has now been approved: http://www.cross-x.com/files/file/11184-nuclear-malthus/
  20. This week's file features the Trade Promotion Authority (TPA) DA. The TPA prevents Congress from adding amendments to previously negotiated trade deals and would make it easier for the president to finalize those deals. The file includes an econ/competitiveness impact as well as an Asia Pivot argument. The file also includes a few cards for the Iran Sanctions DA as well as the Immigration DA, if that is your thing. Finally, the file includes answers to all of the scenarios mentioned above as well as thumpers for any other scenario. http://www.cross-x.c...bruary-20-2014/ Find out more about the author and the table of contents belowThis week's file was authored by Chris Carey, a sophomore debater at the University of Kansas. As a college debater, Chris has participated in the outrounds of CEDA, UMKC, and several other tournaments. *****General 3 2ac Iran Thumper 4 2ac Immigration/Minimum Wage Thumper 5 2ac No Pass – Election Year 6 *****Immigration 7 ***Neg 8 Yes Pass 9 Yes Obama Push 10 at: xo 11 ***Aff 12 2ac No Pass 13 1ar No Pass -- Elections 14 1ar No Pass – Path to Citizenship 16 1ar No Pass – at: House Dems Force Vote 18 *****Iran 19 ***Neg 20 1nc 21 No Pass 22 Sanctions Kill Diplomacy 23 ***Aff 24 2ac Must Have 25 2ac UQ Overwhelms the Link 26 1ar UQ Overwhelms the Link 28 1ar No Vote 30 2ac Diplomacy Fails/Sanctions Inevitable 31 1ar Diplomacy Fails/Sanctions Inevitable 32 *****TPA 33 ***Neg 34 1nc Econ 35 1nc Asia Pivot 37 2nc UQ Wall 39 2nc Thumpers 41 Yes Pass – at: Reid 42 Yes Pass – at: Pelosi 43 Yes Pass – at: Biden 44 Yes Pass – PC Key 45 Yes Pass – PC Controls UQ 49 Yes Pass – at: no push 51 Yes Pass – at: TPP 53 2nc at: Minimum Wage Thumper 54 2nc at: Iran Thumper 55 2nc at: No Impact to TPA 56 2nc TPA k2 Econ 57 2nc Impact – Decline = War 60 2nc Internal Link – Trade 62 2nc Asia Pivot Extension 63 2nc Asia Pivot Impact – China War/Asian Stability 67 2nc Asia Pivot Impact – Allied Prolif 69 AT: Not Reverse Causal 70 1nc EU soft power 72 Territorial Disputes 74 Trade Impact – Quick 75 1nc War 76 Turns Case – Escalation 78 Turns Case – Norms 79 Turns Case – Terrorism 80 ***Aff 81 2ac No Pass 82 1ar No Pass 84 1ar No Pass – Reid/Pelosi 86 1ar No Pass – No Vote 88 1ar No Pass – Europe 89 2ac Thumpers 90 1ar Thumpers 91 1ar No Push/PC Fails 92 1ar No I/L 93 2ac No Impact – Trade 95 2ac Asia Pivot 96 2ac China War 97 AT Solves Credibility 98 Asia Prolif Inev 99 Click here to view the article
  21. Sorry for the delay. This week's Thursday File includes a new immigration reform 1NC (plus aff answers), as well as updates for other scenarios. http://www.cross-x.com/files/file/11167-thursday-file-2-6/
  22. First, I'd like to thank all of the outgoing moderators for their hard work and dedication over their terms. Most have volunteered for multiple years and we appreciate it. Next, I'd like to congratulate all of the new moderators. I think we ended up with a great group of people who have shown themselves to be extremely helpful and active. However, we're not done yet. In the critiques forum we have a 3 way tie for 3rd place, and the 2nd place finisher only received 1 more vote. shreethebsmaster won outright receiving nearly 50% of the vote and will receive one moderating spot. We will be holding a runoff election to determine the remaining 2 moderators for critiques. The ballot will be open for 1 week, and is available here or at the Elections tab in the top navigation bar. Congratulations to everyone who won: shreethebsmaster, liampirate, The X Factor, Brian D. Gonzaba, OriginalRawrcat, ARGogate, Deleuze, MrMarantz, jacobstime, OfficerTom, Phantom707, dancon25, Snarf, ktg9616, The-Troll, Ganondorf901, Asherred, MrEragonSaph, and twoAC. Click below for the entire results.*Asterisks denote winners Help Me *Snarf 13 *Phantom707 11 Hartman 5 JosephOverman 4 georgebushsdogpaintings 1 Novice Center *dancon25 11 *ARGogate 8 *OriginalRawrcat 8 JosephOverman 1 georgebushsdogpaintings 1 Culture *The X Factor 15 Hartman 11 Other Forms of Debate *Snarf 13 *Deleuze 7 rteehas 6 Virtual Debates and Online Videos *ARGogate 11 Hartman 5 OfficerTom 4 daseinkapital 3 Latin America *ktg9616 12 *liampirate 11 georgebushsdogpaintings 2 TimeLord 1 Disadvantages and Counterplans *ARGogate 20 Critiques *shreethebsmaster 17 jacobstime 5 Snarf 4 dancon25 4 Ganondorf901 4 The-Troll 1 Deleuze 0 georgebushsdogpaintings 0 Theory and Framework (Including Topicality and Procedurals) *ARGogate 18 *The-Troll 6 Evidence Trading *Ganondorf901 13 ktg9616 6 Deleuze 3 TimeLord 1 Current Events *OfficerTom 13 The-Troll 9 Thoughts and Ideas *Asherred 13 The-Troll 5 Non-Debate Debates *OfficerTom 5 Hartman 4 georgebushsdogpaintings 4 Deleuze 2 The-Troll 1 World Culture (including Arts, Technology, and Sports) *Deleuze 13 The-Troll 4 Complain *OfficerTom 9 The-Troll 9 National Circuit *Brian D. Gonzaba 12 *jacobstime 6 Deleuze 2 JosephOverman 2 Pacific *liampirate 7 daseinkapital 5 Mountain *MrMarantz 10 Southwest *MrEragonSaph 9 Great Plains *Brian D. Gonzaba 8 Deleuze 3 Great Lakes *twoAC 9 Northeast *Deleuze 7 Mid Atlantic *shreethebsmaster 11 Ganondorf901 2 South *ARGogate 7 Kansas *OfficerTom 12 Hartman 7 Missouri *ktg9616 8 Texas *jacobstime 7 OriginalRawrcat 4 dancon25 3 College *shreethebsmaster 12 OriginalRawrcat 5 Judging *shreethebsmaster 8 liampirate 6 Coaching *shreethebsmaster 9 8 Minutes of Inherency in the 1NC *jacobstime 9 OfficerTom 8 OriginalRawrcat 4 Kayos 3 Hartman 2 Miscellaneous *jacobstime 9 OriginalRawrcat 7 OfficerTom 3 The-Troll 1 Click here to view the article
  23. Brad Meloche brings us this week's Thursday file, which is all treats, no tricks. It updates the immigration reform disad that has been developing over the past few weeks, including plenty of cards from the past couple days that will help you scare your opponents into submission. Also included are affirmative answers to immigration, the Iran DA, and some other disads that have been creeping their way into the college debate circuit like the TPA, Farm Bill, and the 2014 midterms DAs. As an added bonus, I have included a new uniqueness card for the China SOI DA, as well as some random impact updates I have found in the last few weeks. Think of this as a king size candy bar at a fun size price. Happy Halloween, all! Hope to see you in Ann Arbor this weekend. Find the TOC and more about the author below http://www.cross-x.c...sday-file-1031/I debated for four years at Groves High School in Beverly Hills, MI. During my senior year I debated almost exclusively on the national circuit, reaching elimination rounds at East Grand Rapids, New Trier, and Harvard. I have debated for four years at Wayne State University in Detroit, MI, clearing at regional and national tournaments and during the 2011-12 season qualifying for the NDT. As a coach for Seaholm High School my debaters have reached elimination rounds at local and national tournaments. Email/fb me if you want to discuss this file or anything else about debate. bradgmu@gmail.com www.facebook.com/bmeloche Thursday File – 10/31/13 (Happy Halloween!) 2 Neg – Immigration DA.. 7 1NC Shell 8 Uniqueness Extensions. 11 UQ: Will Pass Now.. 12 UQ: Obama has capital now.. 21 UQ: Republicans Divided Now.. 22 UQ: Top of Docket 23 UQ: Obama will use capital on immigration reform... 26 UQ: Obama willing to go with piece by piece approach. 27 AT---Boehner 28 AT---UQ Overwhelms. 29 AT---Kick the Can. 30 AT---Piecemeal Reform Inev/Solves. 32 Top o Docket 33 AT---Thumper---Shutdown/Debt 34 AT---Thumper---Farm Bill 35 Link Extensions. 36 Links: Winners Win Answers. 37 Links: AT: “Go for the throat” Turn. 47 2NC/1NR Floor Time Link. 48 Internal Link Extensions. 49 Internals: Political Capital is Key. 50 Internals: Bipartisanship. 56 Internals: AT: Hirsh/Political Capital Doesn’t Exist 57 Internals: PC Key/A2 Obama Bad. 59 Internal Links: Popularity key to political capital 61 Internals: Immigration Reform Includes Path to Citizenship. 63 Internals: Immigration Reform Includes Skilled Worker Reform... 64 Internals: Republicans Key to Agenda. 66 AT---Unilateral Action. 68 Impacts. 69 Impact Overview.. 70 Impact Modules. 71 Agriculture Impact Module. 72 Agriculture Impacts: Immigration Reform Key to Ag. 73 Agriculture Impacts: Immigration Reform Key to Sustainable Ag. 74 Alternative Energy Impacts. 75 Asian Wars. 76 China. 78 Competitiveness Impacts. 79 Competitiveness Internals: Immigration Reform Key to Competitiveness. 82 Cyber-Terrorism Module. 84 Economy Impacts: Immigration Reform Key to Economy. 85 Economy Impacts: Skilled Workers Key to Economy. 91 Economy Impacts: AT: Impact Empirically Denied. 92 Econ Turns Environment Impacts. 93 Econ Impact – Protectionism... 94 Econ Turns Russia/China Relations. 96 Econ Impact – War 97 Econ Impact – Warming. 98 Hegemony Impact Module. 99 India Relations Module. 100 India Relations—AT: Relations Resilient 101 India Internals: Immigration Reform Key to US-India Relations. 103 India Relations: Democracy Impacts. 104 India Relations: Economy Impacts. 105 India Relations: Indian Economy Impacts. 106 India Relations: Iran Prolif Impact 107 India Relations: Laundry List Impacts. 108 India Relations Impacts: Prolif Module. 109 India Relations Impacts: Proliferation. 110 India Relations: Solves Indo-Pak War 111 India Relations Impacts: Terrorism Module. 113 India Relations Impacts: Terrorism... 114 India Relations Impacts: Warming Module. 115 Latin American Relations Module. 116 Latin America Relations—Impact Overview.. 117 Latin America Internals: Immigration Reform Key to US-Latin American Relations. 118 Latin American Relations: AT—Relations Resilient 120 Latin American Relations—Now Key Time. 122 Latin American Relations: US Actions Key. 123 Latin American Relations: Even Watered Down Reform Solves. 124 ***Latin American Relations Impact Scenarios***. 125 Latin American Relations—Alternative Energy Impacts. 126 Latin America Relations—Biofuels Impacts. 127 Latin American Relations: Democracy Impact Extensions. 128 Latin America Relations—Nuclear Power Impacts. 129 Latin American Relations: Oil Dependence Scenario. 130 Latin American Relations—Oil Prices Impact 131 Latin American Relations: Poverty Impacts. 132 Latin American Relations: Soft Power Impacts. 134 Latin America Relations: Solar-Wind Impacts. 135 Latin American Relations: Warming Impact Scenario. 136 Science Diplomacy Impact Module. 138 Science Diplomacy Internals: Visas Key to Science Diplomacy. 139 Science Diplomacy: China Impact Module. 141 Science Diplomacy: Disease Impact Module. 142 Science Diplomacy: Middle East Impact Module. 143 Science Diplomacy: Poverty Impact 144 Science Diplomacy: Soft Power Internal Link. 145 Science Diplomacy: War Impacts. 147 Science Diplomacy: Warming Impact 148 Turns Poverty/Structural Violence. 149 Immigration – AT: Impact Turns. 150 AT: Brain Drain Turn. 151 AT: Overpopulation Turn. 153 AT: Wages Turn. 156 Answers to: Theory Arguments. 158 AT: Non-Intrinsic: Pass the Plan and Do your scenario. 159 AT: “Say No”. 161 AT: Plan is Bottom of the Docket 162 Neg – Iran DA.. 163 1NC Shell 164 Uniqueness Extensions. 168 UQ: Top of the Docket 169 UQ: Current Diplomacy Succeeding. 170 UQ: Now Key. 171 Internal Link Extensions. 172 IL’s: Capital Key. 173 IL: Removing Sanctions Stops Prolif. 175 IL: AT: Sanctions Good. 178 IL: International Unity. 180 IL: Obama Flexibility Key to Solve Iran. 181 IL: AT: Waivers Solve. 182 Impact Extensions. 183 Impacts: Iran Prolif Bad. 184 Impacts: AT: Iran will be deterred. 187 Impacts: Economy Module. 188 Impacts: Hegemony. 189 Impacts: Middle East War Module. 190 Impacts: Syria Module. 192 Impacts: AT: Can’t Trust Rouhani 195 AFF. 196 Top Level 197 PC Low.. 198 General Thumper/No Pass. 200 Health Care Thumper 201 Immigration. 202 Immigration Reform—2ac Front-line. 203 1ar Extensions: Immigration Reform Won’t Pass Now.. 206 1ar: AT: Boehner will violate Hastert Rule. 215 1AR: AT---Conference Committee. 217 1AR---Kick the Can. 218 1AR---Kiss o Death. 219 1ar Winners Win: AT: Debt Ceiling Fight is big win. 220 1ar Extensions: Winners Win. 221 1ar: Obama Capital Not Key to Immigration Reform... 222 2ac: India Relations Impact Answers. 223 2ac vs. Latin American Relations Impact 224 2ac vs. Science Diplomacy Impact 226 2ac: Skilled Worker Impact Answers. 230 2ac: Skilled Workers Impact Turns. 233 Iran. 234 2ac Iran Answers. 235 AFF: No US-Iran War 238 TPA.. 239 Won’t Pass. 240 PC not key. 241 Farm Bill 242 Won’t Pass. 243 Debt Ceiling Part 2. 245 2AC.. 246 2014 Midterms. 247 2AC Too Far Off. 248 UQ: Dems won’t retake House. 249 UQ: Republicans won’t gain Senate. 250 Other 251 Dip Cap Low.. 252 AT: Politics Turns Hege. 253 China Influence Up. 254 Manufacturing Up. 255 Iran Prolif Now.. 257 US-India Relations High. 258 Click here to view the article
  24. The decision to pursue Diana more aggressively than anyone else is pretty telling about the structural factors that make certain forms of violence acceptable and common in Juarez. Lia and Peyton from Omaha Westside read an aff that discusses Diana and the larger question of violence in Juarez. http://hspolicy.debatecoaches.org/bin/Omaha+Westside/Hagen-Wells+Aff
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    Registration and more information can be found at Joy of Tournaments: http://www.joyoftournaments.com/mn/blake/info.asp Here's the invitation:
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