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  1. You're right, with fewer active users there are fewer people to be a mod, and fewer opportunities to use those mod powers to handle big spam raids. That's what makes me uncertain of new mod elections, there has to be a reasonable candidate pool. It's more likely that I eventually appoint a super moderator like the site has had in the past.

    Mods can IP ban but it's not explicitly called that, it's part of the warning system. IIRC, in that specific incident the person ended up posting from multiple IPs.

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  2. I originally joined during the '05-'06 season. Even then people were saying the site used to be more active, and it seemed true based on reading old regional threads. It's tough to get solid numbers because the site has been through multiple owners and multiple software systems, but I think 2 graphs are illustrative.

    First, registrations, which peaked in 2007. I'm not sure what that bump in 2015 is, but safe to say that it's an anomaly.


    Second is posts. All of the posts prior to mid-2004 were purged at some point, so that data is unavailable. From then, posting peaked in spring 2009 and trended downwards from there. That dip at the end of 2010 was when the site was hacked and the database crashed. After that, I took over.


    I will certainly shoulder a good amount of blame because of my neglect. There are a lot of things that I could have done that would have helped sustain the site. I think there are also other factors involved. When I first joined, the site had a reputation as a sort of troll haven. A lot of posts were irrelevant and, dare I say, vacuous. While I enjoyed a lot of that, I think that rep kept a lot of people away. This also coincides with a general expansion of online communities like Facebook and Reddit. It is a trend across almost all web forums that activity has been decreasing since then.

    I am a little confused about some of the posts about buying the site. I have only ever received 2 inquiries. I will entertain offers, shoot an email to david@ this domain.

  3. 1. There's a word filter that hides slurs and f-bombs until they are reviewed. It's an easy way to keep flame wars from getting out of hand. Your post was caught because of the username you quoted (which will be dealt with separately). I just approved your post, and I run through the queue fairly frequently.

    2. There are technically a few users with moderator privileges, but it's mostly me.

    3. In the past, mods were chosen through elections. I'm undecided if/when elections will happen again, but proving yourself as a trustworthy person who won't abuse the mod powers can also lead to earning the role.

  4. Camp advertisements used to be the norm here, and it'll be returning, but camps don't typically advertise until early January.

    Sponsored debaters is interesting and a nice way of advertising the site generally. Stickers is a really old school thing that the site used to sell, and I've been toying with the idea of rebooting that. I'm thinking a contest of sorts for designing new ones with prizes for the winners. Stickers would probably be sold basically at cost, and bunches given out as free promos.

    I agree about traditional circuits. I bungled a lot of my response to your round with Ktyler. Debaters can be hotheads, myself included, and I've got to do a better job of mediating that. Instead of a separate commentary thread, I should have just shut that down and encouraged people to open new threads that weren't based on personal attacks. Disagreement is fine, hostility is not.

    I appreciate the thoughts!

    EDIT: I just noticed that I misread your point about camps and advertising, I got it reversed. As a broader goal, I'm hoping to improve the quality of the site enough that people want to refer debaters here, and working with camps has to be part of that. Advertising with camps makes more sense to me than generic ads.

  5. Thank you for your thoughts, that's a great list. Here's my general thinking at the moment about these idea:

    1. Payouts have been sent. I plan on sending a broader email to all Evazon authors this weekend. Part of the difficulty of recruiting college debaters is the perception of the site as a non-serious venue. College debaters would help improve that perception, but many don't want to contribute while that perception is low. The ole chicken/egg problem.

    2. I agree. There's a couple issues built into this one. First, a new group of moderators is needed. Typically this has been done through elections, but that has also led to Russian collusion gaming the system. I'm leaning towards appointing a small, core group for at least the short term. Second, what is an appropriate payment? I think this should probably scale depending on the success of the site, but I don't know what a reasonable range/number/percentage is.

    3. I'm not convinced that the site needs general advertisement as much as specific promotion of content like new files. At a minimum, I think some organic change and growth is necessary before general advertising in order for it to be effective. Advertising a ghost town probably won't lead to new, active users.

    4. I have gone back and forth about this since basically day 1. On the one hand, a steady revenue stream would make things like paying moderators much easier. On the other hand, as a user, I dislike most ads and run an ad-blocker. The compromise I'm leaning towards is showing google ads to guests but not logged-in users.

    5. Theme weeks is interesting. I'm going to have to brainstorm some themes, any suggestions? I plan on removing a lot of the current rules stickies and promoting a site-wide set of rules. The current draft is here. What is the difference between a permanent memes board and miscellaneous? Video is one of my higher priorities, including integrating the collection from DebateVision.com. My current conceptualization is as a separate app (in the sense that calendar is a separate app) with comments integrating into threads.

    6. Yeah, there's a long list of improvements that would be great. Following posters exists, but you have to visit their profile to do it. I've been experimenting with various chat systems including some that integrate video, but finding the right software is tricky. I'm also concerned that a chat might lead to the site being blocked from school networks. I think the reward outweighs the risk, though.

    7. This is very interesting. Lots of jobs get posted across a lot of different mediums, and none have really had success, so I've shied away from this idea. Integrating reviews of coaches and promoting smaller increments of coaching time might be a worthwhile differentiator.

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  6. I would like to apologize for my management of Cross-X over recent years. For nearly two decades this site has been a valuable resource for debaters and I have misserved that legacy. My absence and neglect allowed this community to atrophy. I have let the community down. I am sorry. I am embarrassed and ashamed of how my tenure as administrator has played out. I regret that my inaction has decreased the educational potential of this site.

    Quite simply, there are no excuses. I do not wish to deflect or blame. This is on me. I can't offer a full explanation for my unavailability. Legal and personal factors have prevented me from tending to Cross-X as the community deserves.

    At this point, the best I can do is try my hardest to earn your trust. I am now free, able, and dedicated to rebuilding Cross-X into a truly useful destination for debate on the web. I have a few ideas for improvements that will I will announce in the coming days and weeks, but I want your thoughts. How can Cross-X serve you better?

    For the Evazon authors, I apologize for the great delay. Going forward, payouts will be processed weekly at a minimum. Instructions for requesting new payouts are located here. I am working on creating automatic payouts through PayPal and hope to have more information soon.

    Ask me anything. I'll do my best to answer.

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  7. Everyone is right, and everyone is wrong. There have been reasonable arguments, but accompanied with personal attacks and vindictiveness. Here's the code of conduct I'm proposing to have reasonable discussions about these topics.

    Start a new thread if you want to discuss racism and the Trump administration, the paradox of tolerance, the best style for debate, or even the code of conduct. But let's at least treat each other with a basic level of humanity, even if you think an idea or person is repulsive.

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  8. Everyone needs to relax. This is a debate forum, not the War Room.

    Different areas of the country have different forms of debate. Not everything takes after the national circuit, and some local circuits actively resist a lot of the tendencies of the national circuit. There's reasonable discussions to be had about how debate should be, but demeaning difference helps no one.

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  9. The site was previously running on unsupported software, so it was upgraded to the latest version. There are still tweaks and changes to be made, like some of the more garish parts of the theme. Other theme options will be available in the future.

    1 hour ago, monkeybusiness said:

    I'll take what we can get ... it would be nice to see some other features up too though

    That's the goal. Upgrading the software was the first step, now I'll start working on smoothing over the rough edges, then integrating new features.

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  10. I apologize. Quite simply, this community deserves better. I am sorry.


    An email with more details will soon be sent to Evazon authors. Here's the gist:
    If you are owed money, please send a new payout request with current payment information. I know some addresses and emails have changed, so to ensure accurate payment I'd like to confirm the proper recipient and preferred method. PayPal payments will be sent quickly, checks will be sent in weekly batches.


    In the near future, payouts through PayPal will be automated.

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  11. Apologies for the interruption. Cross-X has been offline for the last day to address a potential security issue and perform some necessary server-related maintenance. Our software provider announced a security vulnerability on Sunday that was patched within hours. I detected an attempt at exploiting the website, but after further investigation have determined that no serious breach has occurred.


    There will be more announcements over the coming days about changes to Cross-X, including the return of the Thursday File.I take security and stability very seriously, and while I have managed Cross-X there has never been a serious intrusion. Cross-X also does not store payment data in order to limit potential exposure.


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  12. The troll formerly known as gordangekko1987 AKA lesgrossman has been banned and posts removed. Except this topic. While spreading is a highly accepted practice, there is certainly room to discuss its merits.

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  13. This week's file features the Trade Promotion Authority (TPA) DA. The TPA prevents Congress from adding amendments to previously negotiated trade deals and would make it easier for the president to finalize those deals. The file includes an econ/competitiveness impact as well as an Asia Pivot argument.

    The file also includes a few cards for the Iran Sanctions DA as well as the Immigration DA, if that is your thing.

    Finally, the file includes answers to all of the scenarios mentioned above as well as thumpers for any other scenario.




    Find out more about the author and the table of contents belowThis week's file was authored by Chris Carey, a sophomore debater at the University of Kansas. As a college debater, Chris has participated in the outrounds of CEDA, UMKC, and several other tournaments.


    *****General 3

    2ac Iran Thumper 4

    2ac Immigration/Minimum Wage Thumper 5

    2ac No Pass – Election Year 6

    *****Immigration 7

    ***Neg 8

    Yes Pass 9

    Yes Obama Push 10

    at: xo 11

    ***Aff 12

    2ac No Pass 13

    1ar No Pass -- Elections 14

    1ar No Pass – Path to Citizenship 16

    1ar No Pass – at: House Dems Force Vote 18

    *****Iran 19

    ***Neg 20

    1nc 21

    No Pass 22

    Sanctions Kill Diplomacy 23

    ***Aff 24

    2ac Must Have 25

    2ac UQ Overwhelms the Link 26

    1ar UQ Overwhelms the Link 28

    1ar No Vote 30

    2ac Diplomacy Fails/Sanctions Inevitable 31

    1ar Diplomacy Fails/Sanctions Inevitable 32

    *****TPA 33

    ***Neg 34

    1nc Econ 35

    1nc Asia Pivot 37

    2nc UQ Wall 39

    2nc Thumpers 41

    Yes Pass – at: Reid 42

    Yes Pass – at: Pelosi 43

    Yes Pass – at: Biden 44

    Yes Pass – PC Key 45

    Yes Pass – PC Controls UQ 49

    Yes Pass – at: no push 51

    Yes Pass – at: TPP 53

    2nc at: Minimum Wage Thumper 54

    2nc at: Iran Thumper 55

    2nc at: No Impact to TPA 56

    2nc TPA k2 Econ 57

    2nc Impact – Decline = War 60

    2nc Internal Link – Trade 62

    2nc Asia Pivot Extension 63

    2nc Asia Pivot Impact – China War/Asian Stability 67

    2nc Asia Pivot Impact – Allied Prolif 69

    AT: Not Reverse Causal 70

    1nc EU soft power 72

    Territorial Disputes 74

    Trade Impact – Quick 75

    1nc War 76

    Turns Case – Escalation 78

    Turns Case – Norms 79

    Turns Case – Terrorism 80

    ***Aff 81

    2ac No Pass 82

    1ar No Pass 84

    1ar No Pass – Reid/Pelosi 86

    1ar No Pass – No Vote 88

    1ar No Pass – Europe 89

    2ac Thumpers 90

    1ar Thumpers 91

    1ar No Push/PC Fails 92

    1ar No I/L 93

    2ac No Impact – Trade 95

    2ac Asia Pivot 96

    2ac China War 97

    AT Solves Credibility 98

    Asia Prolif Inev 99


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