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  1. You are the worst

  2. You have ruined this site.


  3. You have ruined this site.

  4. You have ruined this site.

  5. You have ruined this site.

  6. You have ruined this site.

  7. You're right, with fewer active users there are fewer people to be a mod, and fewer opportunities to use those mod powers to handle big spam raids. That's what makes me uncertain of new mod elections, there has to be a reasonable candidate pool. It's more likely that I eventually appoint a super moderator like the site has had in the past. Mods can IP ban but it's not explicitly called that, it's part of the warning system. IIRC, in that specific incident the person ended up posting from multiple IPs.
  8. David

    This site

    I originally joined during the '05-'06 season. Even then people were saying the site used to be more active, and it seemed true based on reading old regional threads. It's tough to get solid numbers because the site has been through multiple owners and multiple software systems, but I think 2 graphs are illustrative. First, registrations, which peaked in 2007. I'm not sure what that bump in 2015 is, but safe to say that it's an anomaly. Second is posts. All of the posts prior to mid-2004 were purged at some point, so that data is unavailable. From then, posting peaked in spring 2009 and trended downwards from there. That dip at the end of 2010 was when the site was hacked and the database crashed. After that, I took over. I will certainly shoulder a good amount of blame because of my neglect. There are a lot of things that I could have done that would have helped sustain the site. I think there are also other factors involved. When I first joined, the site had a reputation as a sort of troll haven. A lot of posts were irrelevant and, dare I say, vacuous. While I enjoyed a lot of that, I think that rep kept a lot of people away. This also coincides with a general expansion of online communities like Facebook and Reddit. It is a trend across almost all web forums that activity has been decreasing since then. I am a little confused about some of the posts about buying the site. I have only ever received 2 inquiries. I will entertain offers, shoot an email to david@ this domain.
  9. 1. There's a word filter that hides slurs and f-bombs until they are reviewed. It's an easy way to keep flame wars from getting out of hand. Your post was caught because of the username you quoted (which will be dealt with separately). I just approved your post, and I run through the queue fairly frequently. 2. There are technically a few users with moderator privileges, but it's mostly me. 3. In the past, mods were chosen through elections. I'm undecided if/when elections will happen again, but proving yourself as a trustworthy person who won't abuse the mod powers can also lead to earning the role.
  10. It's tough to estimate with any precision. Some things are fairly easy (revamping sticky threads, theme weeks) while others are complicated (building a worthwhile videos section and integrated chat). What needs prioritization?
  11. Camp advertisements used to be the norm here, and it'll be returning, but camps don't typically advertise until early January. Sponsored debaters is interesting and a nice way of advertising the site generally. Stickers is a really old school thing that the site used to sell, and I've been toying with the idea of rebooting that. I'm thinking a contest of sorts for designing new ones with prizes for the winners. Stickers would probably be sold basically at cost, and bunches given out as free promos. I agree about traditional circuits. I bungled a lot of my response to your round with Ktyler. Debaters can be hotheads, myself included, and I've got to do a better job of mediating that. Instead of a separate commentary thread, I should have just shut that down and encouraged people to open new threads that weren't based on personal attacks. Disagreement is fine, hostility is not. I appreciate the thoughts! EDIT: I just noticed that I misread your point about camps and advertising, I got it reversed. As a broader goal, I'm hoping to improve the quality of the site enough that people want to refer debaters here, and working with camps has to be part of that. Advertising with camps makes more sense to me than generic ads.
  12. until
    New Trier is a quarterfinals qualifier for the Tournament of Champions https://www.tabroom.com/index/tourn/index.mhtml?tourn_id=10233
  13. until
    Chattahoochee is a finals qualifier for the Tournament of Champions https://www.tabroom.com/index/tourn/index.mhtml?tourn_id=10581
  14. until
    Blue Valley Southwest is a finals qualifier for the Tournament of Champions https://www.tabroom.com/index/tourn/index.mhtml?tourn_id=10552
  15. until
    Georgetown Day is a semifinals qualifier for the Tournament of Champions https://www.tabroom.com/index/tourn/index.mhtml?tourn_id=10637
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