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    "The Allegory of the Squirrel" combines folklore, fables, The Onion, and many other non-traditional debate positions to create a unique negative argument unlike anything else that has ever been deployed in debate. This is not some cheap, WGLF knock-off, this is a completely new way of using satire, on the cutting edge of how critique is deployed in high-level college debate. This file is absolutely NOT just a collection of random song lyrics, stories, and onion cards. It is actually a rather robust critical position about communication models and speech acts within civil society. Additionally, there is a large set of semi-generic critical positions that dovetail nicely with the central thesis of the communication scholarship arguments. In total, the file is 161 pages and has 2NC blocks for all relevant positions. Nearly every card is highlighted, and blocks are battle ready. If you have ever wanted to deploy a strong, difficult to answer, non-traditional negative strategy, this is the file for you. The file includes an explanation of the files components, and is ready for rounds right off the shelf. Table of Contents: ***ALLEGORY OF THE SQUIRREL***. 1 ***Allegories. 6 The Squirrel 7 Scorpion and Frog. 8 Fox and Grapes. 9 The Cat and the Bell 10 ***1NC Nihilism.. 11 2NC Fable. 14 2NC Everything is Falling Apart 15 2NC Eternal Return. 17 Link: Ought 19 Link: Democracy (Generic) 20 Link: Human Rights (Include the Other) 21 Link: Human Rights (Transcendent Value) 22 Link: Human Rights (Cred Bad) 23 Link: Human Rights (Protect the Weak) 24 Link: Community. 25 Link: Hospitality. 26 Link: Accepting Islam/ Tolerance. 27 Link: Emergency Politics. 28 Link: Timeframe. 29 Link: Status Quo/ Timeliness. 30 Link: Suffering Bad. 31 Link: Engage the State. 32 Link: Morality 33 Link: Ascetic Ideal 34 Alt Solves Democracy. 35 Alt Solves Ethics. 37 A/T “Make State Anti-Statalâ€. 38 ***2NC Blocks***. 39 A/T: Caused the Holocaust 40 A/T: Empiricism.. 41 A/T: Nietzsche = Domination. 42 A/T: Ethics of the Other 43 A/T: Alt = Violence. 44 A/T: Gotta Include Group X.. 45 ***1NC Fiat Double Bind. 46 2NC Information Dissuasive. 47 2NC Cannot Engage the Political 48 2NC Individual à State. 50 2NC Link – Plan. 51 2NC Normative Fiat Bad. 52 2NC No Levers of Power 53 ***1NC Apocalyptic Predictions Bad. 54 2NC Overview.. 56 A/T: Case Outweighs. 57 A/T: Perm do the Alt 59 A/T: Other Instances. 60 A/T: Do Both. 61 2NC Predictions Overview.. 62 2NC Framework. 64 A/T Aff Choice. 66 A/T Predictability. 67 A/T Moots the 1AC. 68 A/T Policy Education. 69 Link/Impact – Research Method. 70 Link – Sovereign War 71 Impact – Turns Liberalism.. 72 **A/T: Fear Good (MUST READ) 73 A/T: Fear key to VTL. 77 A/T:VTL Inevitable/ Can’t Measure. 78 A/T: Discourse Irrelevant 79 A/T: Util Good. 80 ***SATIRE GOOD***. 83 1NC – Critical Affs. 83 ***Policy Links. 86 Link – Oil Wells. 87 Link – War on Terror 88 Link – Senate bad. 89 Link – Economic Doomsaying. 90 2NC Economic Doomsaying. 91 Link – Fixing Things. 92 Link – Hegemony. 93 Link – Libya. 94 Link - Security. 95 Link – Apocalypse Reps. 96 Link – Prolif 97 Link – Iran. 98 A/T: Bioweapons. 100 China to Overtake the US. 101 The American Flag. 102 Extinction Inevitable - Palin. 103 ***Critical Links. 104 1NC Framework. 104 Link – Mastubating. 105 Link – Engage the State. 106 Link – The Rev. 107 2NC The Rev. 108 Link – Criticizing the Masses. 109 Link – Aesthetics/Art 110 2NC Aesthetics/Art 111 Link – The Other/Love. 112 2NC The Other/Love. 113 Link – Talking about stuff 114 Link – Intellectualism.. 115 Link – Intellectualism.. 116 Link – “Racism Badâ€. 117 Link – Educated Bigots. 118 Link – Micropolitics. 119 Link – Ironic Man. 120 Link – Looking Cool 121 Link – Movements Bad. 122 Link – Evolution. 123 Link – Wanting to be Happy. 124 ***Impacts. 125 Wasting Your Life. 126 ***Alternatives. 127 Humor Good. 127 FREE TASTY ICE CREAM.. 128 Do the Plan with Michael Keaton. 129 A/T: Dirty Word Ks. 130 A/T: Perm - every other instance. 131 Value to Life Subjective. 132 ***The Substance. 133 2NC Overview/Explanation. 133 A/T: No Alt 135 Epistemology. 136 A/T: Permutation Do Both. 137 ***Framework. 139 2NC Framework. 140 Engage PTX Uniqueness – Masses. 143 Engage PTX Uniqueness - Hypperreal 144 A/T: Traditional engagement good. 145 A/T: Training for the Political 146 Framework – Heroic vs. Humor 147 K2 Democracy. 148 Critical thinking > predictability. 149 Debate is key. 150 Demystify. 151 Culture Jamming Good. 152 ***Links. 153 Link – 1AC as Character (Then Who am I?) 153 Link - Threats. 154 Link – Threat Con Emthymeme. 155 Comic perspective good. 156 A/T: Nihilism.. 157 A/T: Humor Bad. 158 Satire Good – New Possibility. 159 Clash of Contexts. 160 A/T: Onion isn’t Qualified. 161 A/T: Wrong Forum.. 162 A/T: Not Funny. 163 Humor > Telling People Things. 164


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    This is simply a collection of random K updates for the aff and neg that I've amassed recently, primarily centering around representations-based Ks (security, etc). I've never seen any of these cards in a debate that I wasn't in. The vast majority of the cards are from 2011/2012, all the aff cards have extensions, and everything is highlighted. As a bonus - you'll get the best card I've cut this year that can really apply to any situation in which you're reading a K. Random K Updates. 1 Aff 2 2ac slayer. 3 1ar slayer. 5 2ac policy relevance. 6 1ar policy relevance. 7 2ac reps. 8 1ar reps. 9 2ac fear good. 10 1ar fear good. 11 2ac moral relativism bad. 13 1ar moral relativism bad. 14 2ac realism... 16 1ar realism... 18 at: sfp/arms race. 19 at: counter-examples. 20 at: realism is violent 21 at: liberalism good. 22 2ac nyquist counter-k. 23 Neg. 26 the best k card you will read. 27 1nc/2nc heg link. 30 2nc reps first 32 at: owen 2. 34 at: policy relevance. 36 2nc role of the ballot 37

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    Nuclear malthus is the argument that a large, full scale, nuclear war would be good for the world. The argument is tricky because it gets to make smart uniqueness claims about the inevitability of nuclear war and human extinction which often obviate affirmative responses. Now is a great time for nuclear malthus! Recent NASA studies on limited nuclear war still lose to the same tricks as always, and teams are less prepared than ever to deal with a big-stick impact turn. This position also couples well with any number of critical positions. The file is 130 pages long and contains blocks to every argument I know of. The file is ready to use out of the box.


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