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    Should have been warned? The second sentence in the description seems to indicate that "this aff has no plan text"
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    What are the impacts to ENDA?
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    update: undefeated on it. This is actually a very good K.
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    this is the good stuff. Great file, easy to understand yet great analysis and good cards.
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    The file has a couple useful cards, but overall its not applicable for the current high school topic. Almost all its cards are specific to infrastructure used to create nuclear energy and not any technological fix.Overall its not worth a buy if you want it for the transportation topic.
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    My partner and I went 3 for three when we were neg with this K in CX (I have also used it and won with it in LD) in our first tournament ever in CX. We broke and got to sems
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    glad you liked it 'the dawn'! happy debating!
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    Five stars, hands down. This file is incredibly well written, blocked out efficiently, and will win a lot of debates. Though more applicable to the college topic, it functions as an all-purpose critique of the representations behind infrastructure development in the US. Indeed, there's a stark narrative included at the top of the file that compares the freedom attained through energy to the freedom attained through infrastructure, and indicts infrastructure as relying on fossil fuel culture, making this an all-purpose generic critique for both the high school and college topics. Well done, Willmo - it's clear you spent a long time working on this file, and deserve to reap the rewards.
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    The aff is great. The premise behind it is sound. I think there should be some more evidence for the blocks, but the analytics on here are incredibly sound. Definitely worth it. Also, it has answers to the majority of arguments that would be run against it, which means you're basically set. Make sure you read through the entire file to understand your argument. also, bell hooks is great in my opinion. I feel as if you could use the card citing her in the 1AC as an answer to the majority of things. All in all, a great file and a great aff.
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    Ridiculous waste of money. I should have been warned that this was not a stock issue case, it is a kritikal affirmative which denies that fiat is a real construct. My local circuit judges won't accept this type of argument.
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