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    Ongoing reminder that you're the worst
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    You are singlehandedly responsible for killing an enormous segment of debate community history. Eat one whole ass, asshole.
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    You've killed this website and the community that came with it. You continue to be the worst.
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    David, We appreciate the job you've done in years past, but life goes on, and your activity on the forums has decreased. Appointing some new moderators would allow you to maintain control without having to do any of the work yourself. If you choose moderators who genuinely care about the activity of debate, Cross-X could thrive yet again. If you're not interested in selecting new moderators, then please consider selling the website. Cross-ex has been a great resource for debaters, and I, along with the rest of this community, don't want it to die. With respect, Samuel Oakes
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    Hi yes continue to eat shit
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