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    Did anyone go to Dartmouth? If so id trade anything I have to get the Taiwan Neg that was put out. Everyone keeps saying that the Taiwan Aff from dartmouth will be un beatable...
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    its not open ev... its a thing a couple of kids came up with. its not on open ev
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    it's on open ev, skimmed through it, doesn't look unbeatable nor the best aff run on the circuit this year
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    It’s not at all but it will be the best aff run on the circuit this year
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    I highly doubt ANY sort of Taiwan aff is "unbeatable."
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    DM me or reply here if you have any interest in talking about selling the site, we shall make a group to talk...
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    Put another way, David's just the worst.
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    We just need to find some way to engage with him, I am open for ideas
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    you're talking as if HSI wasn't a thing last year
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