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    ^ what @jmeza111401 said I was real close to closing this thread a couple times, but it seemed to meander back towards reasonable discussion. This last page? woof Relatedly, if anyone would like to review the current draft of rules going forward... https://www.cross-x.com/code-of-conduct/
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    Perm cards really do need to be specific to the pic thats being run. You don't always need a perm card, you can always just use warrants from their cards or your own 1ac evidence. Chances are that if they're reading a pic it links to the net benefit and the perm solves. You could probably also say that perm shields the link. Just make sure that you make reasons as to why whatever they pic out of is key to aff solvency. other than that, it really depends on the debate.
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    I don't think a transphobe or a person who takes issue with the LGBTQ+ community would be friends with these people... but maybe you live in some alternate universe where transphobes are best friends with trans people!!!!! IDK!!! GTFO @NickDB8
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    Hey @NickDB8 - Thanks for trying to shut down this dialogue! Anyways, you might want to take a reading comprehension course if thats what you got out of my comment... turn off your notifications if you are bothered by community discussion. In other words, GTFO.
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    YO WTF. WHAT MAKES YOU THINK YOU CAN TALK TO ME LIKE THAT??? @AnthonyUwU - Just bc ur a k debater doesn't give u the right to be verbally abusive and bully me.
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    @AnthonyUwU - This is my last time responding to your nonsense. You don't know the first thing about me. You don't know that I was best friends with a trans person at a 7 week debate camp and am still in contact with them. You don't know that one of my mentors (of many years) is a high-profile trans debater. You don't know that half of my friends identify with the LGBTQ+ community and are open to my views on debate. You don't know that I have experience running gender Ks on the NEG. You don't know that I treat everyone the same in the debate space and outside of it. You must stop equating people who desire plan-centric debate with people who are against the education provided by K debate. You must open yourself to deliberation and different viewpoints. You must stop spewing hate in the name of K debate. How dare you label me as a transphobe
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