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    the double bind version is much safer
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    the rosa parks thing isnt bad needs a better card for a warrant maybe id be real careful
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    i haven't looked at my nietzche file in ages, but the only way i can conceptualize a dice roll argument making sense is in the context of amor fati? maybe i should pull out the file. if anyone (or more specifically, if any of the, like, 6 people who still use this site) want it, i could share.
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    cards have context though - other cards. that's why you read other cards - to give context. that aside this card says something different than what you think. it's literally just saying that trivial statistical data (like how many people in a room) is useless without a story, which even before you get to other cards, is usually implicit in a single card. most cards tell a small story of their own described in the tag.
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    White privilege K. Unoriginal take on inequality in debate. Link of omission with no clear answer to the perm. No explanation of the alternative or why the ballot is key. None of the cards have cites?? Bullying K. I guess if your opponents are bullies? Then it's more efficient to read theory. The bystander cards could be useful against a Rutgers NDT Finals type performance. Rosa Parks. Just no.
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