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    Daily Card Welcome to the Daily Card, providing free evidence to the community on a daily basis. What started with myself, CynicClinic, and vmanAA738 quickly grew, and I'm now changing the structure to accommodate that. The goal of this project is to make a positive impact and work towards solving resource inequalities between schools. Personally, I will be contributing close to every day, but only for the remainder of the education topic. After that, this thread may or may not continue, but that will depend on whether people chose to contribute. How to Obtain Our Evidence Just go to the most recent document posted. The cards compile over time, so the most recent will have all the evidence we've cut in one file, unless we should start a new one for file size issues. You do not need to contribute in order to use this resource. Interested in Contributing? If there is a file posted for the current date, download the most recent one, add your card or block, and re-upload it to this thread. We would like to limit contributions to one block/card per person per day, again for file size reasons as well as to avoid people just dumping backfiles, etc. If there is not a file for the current date, download the most recent file from the previous day, create one of the larger headings for that date (example: 5/2/17), add your block/card under it, save that file, re-name the file to that date, and upload it. Not Sure What to Add? Look through requests people make on this thread. Impact cards and politics updates are good go-to cards, but anything is invited. Looking for Something? If you want a specific topic researched, request it and that request may be filled by someone cutting cards. Daily Card - 2017.docx
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