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    This is simply a collection of random K updates for the aff and neg that I've amassed recently, primarily centering around representations-based Ks (security, etc). I've never seen any of these cards in a debate that I wasn't in. The vast majority of the cards are from 2011/2012, all the aff cards have extensions, and everything is highlighted. As a bonus - you'll get the best card I've cut this year that can really apply to any situation in which you're reading a K. Random K Updates. 1 Aff 2 2ac slayer. 3 1ar slayer. 5 2ac policy relevance. 6 1ar policy relevance. 7 2ac reps. 8 1ar reps. 9 2ac fear good. 10 1ar fear good. 11 2ac moral relativism bad. 13 1ar moral relativism bad. 14 2ac realism... 16 1ar realism... 18 at: sfp/arms race. 19 at: counter-examples. 20 at: realism is violent 21 at: liberalism good. 22 2ac nyquist counter-k. 23 Neg. 26 the best k card you will read. 27 1nc/2nc heg link. 30 2nc reps first 32 at: owen 2. 34 at: policy relevance. 36 2nc role of the ballot 37

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    The best way to understand Wilderson is obviously to read his book. It follows the bell hooks tradition of being accessible to persons of all degrees of critical knowledge, as the book is supposed to be readable by persons suffering from the condition of Ontological Blackness and the necessary educational detriments that follow from that condition. A few main points Wilderson makes: 1. The Black Body is an ONTOLOGICAL condition. Ontology here is not in the Heideggerian sense of Dasein, but a social formation in which Being, as such, is determined by the system which produces it. Being, then, is defined by the outside. Who you are, or who you think you are, is irrelevant against the condition of Blackness. Blackness is the condition of a body which is labelled as inhuman, uncivilized, etc, and is the figure by which Civil Society is defined against. This opposition of Civil Society being everything which is NOT the Black Body is the way racism perpetuates itself in the status quo, and comes from a long tradition of slavery. 2. While not all Black Bodies have black skin color, all persons with black skin color are Black Bodies (again, an Ontological condition). The reason all blacks have Black Bodies is not a stupid pun, it is a result of the middle passage. Slaves entered boats as Africans and left as Blacks - there was a complete separation from their culture, heritage, and everything they had grown accustomed to. In that sense, the Black Body (the westernized ex-slave) has no civil society because "Civil Society" is literally the society that is defined AGAINST the slave. The slave is NOT civil, and so a white, "civil society" is constructed to exclude the Black Body (and requires that body to exist as a form of juxtaposition, otherwise there is no means to define what a civil society is). 3. Given the ontological condition of Anti-Blackness, minor reforms to the system are counter productive. By and large, they are merely ways to assist the Black Body to play the White game. It's not about changing the system, it's always about helping the Black Body ASSIMILATE into society (because any body which does not assimilate is a priori uncivilized). Welfare, food stamps, college scholarships, inner-city transportation: these do not destroy the ontological condition of blackness, they provide symbolic "outs" so anti-blackness can continue unabated. These reforms are CRITICAL to anti-blackness because they say "look, isn't society getting better for your kind? Aren't they doing better now?" all while making a spectacle of the Black Body and simultaneously negating the criticism of the radical black. Cap debaters will be familiar with this logic: the more reforms to the system, the less power you have to overthrow it. As the system is reformed, it still maintains a particular hierarchy in which there is always a Black Body, but now those cosmetic changes undercut the criticism of the radical black. This is seen constantly when conservatives say "pull yourself up from your bootstraps" and liberals say "oh wow, these blacks are so articulate". Many critical affirmatives will follow this pattern of helping the Black Body assimilate successfully into the system without ever challenging the system as it is. 4. Given all of this, the only possible alternative is to burn the world down. Here, the world as we know it is an EPISTEMOLOGY question: everything we know comes from the enlightenment metaphysics which was not only silent in the face of, but also justification for, slavery. That form of knowledge, the very knowledge which was responsible for the slave trade, continues on in silence through every form of knowledge we have. Derrida makes this argument, that all philosophy still comes from Plato and Socrates and so there is nothing new to be had. Wilderson believes this applies to social ontology as informed through a particular epistemology which inevitably is inextricable from the racism of old. Everything society has to offer, its every goal and every desire, is founded on slavery and built on the backs of slaves. This means the only possible response is to burn it down, a COMPLETE epistemic break from all we know. This may be unintelligable, this may be impossible to envision, but so be it. We may not have an idea of what will come later, but that is merely an extension of the Black Body being incapable of explaining its relation to civil society. For civil society to exist, the Black Body must ALWAYS be unintelligable, and therefore any alternative which begins from that epistemology will also be unintelligable. There is no road map, there is no final solution, there is only a pure negativity and refusal to accept anything except for burning it all down. I may be a bit off in a few of the details (I am no expert on Wilderson), but this should be a sufficient explanation of the position to give you an idea on how to respond to it. Basically...it's a structural root cause K with a "total revolution" alt. You need to have answers to all 4 of the points I have made above to win.
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    Alternately, you could run one of the more well-known soft-left affs and not try to prevent a debate from occurring.
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