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    I'm going to admit it, I was wrong about Coppell DR, especially what I said about them and Greenhill AE earlier. I honestly think they have a legitimate chance of going deep into TFA elims and if they win the UT tournament by pulling a Westside NP type performance, I might give them a very good shot of breaking at the ToC. I'm scared to see how good they are next year. I've admittedly been biased against Coppell DR the past few months of the season. The last memories I have Coppell DR was Shreyas spreading through 10-off every debate round when he was with Lucy on the Education topic and Het reading off 10 Peterson 14 cards while reading a ZTP policy Aff and those memories clouded my judgement when evaluating their skills and progress come to the Junior year of debate. After they beat a legit Top-5 team in the country (Greenhill AE) in finals of Hockaday and slugged it out with multiple well-funded private school teams the past few months, I think that I misjudged them. They put in mad work at Wake this past Summer and I think their monstrous leap can be a lesson to every debater that it's not about going to camp or what camp but how much work you put in that makes you a better debater. It also shows that going out of your comfort zone can be an effective way of maximizing your skills i.e. Shreyas going from reading ZTP's on Education to straight-up Moten and Anti-Blackness. Congrats Shreyas and Het, and keep making the North Texas circuit proud.
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