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    Can we please stop wishing cancer on each other? As originator of this cx.com meme, i retract it.
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    Offense-defense paradigm bad is a reason to prefer reasonability. It is a no risk proposition for the negative, making the argument inherently neg biased. Reasonability is the only way to even the playing fields.
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    This is also an argument for why RVI's are legit, and literally 99.9% of the community thinks that's stupid. Reasonability is better used as an argument for why contextuality is a better standard than debatability. E.G. just because research is more limited in a world of the negs interp, that's silly b/c it's not educational b/c it's out of context. Reasonability is nothing more than a framing argument for why education of the aff comes before the loss of some neg arguments. The whole 'evening the playing field' args typically are subjective. I'd recommend framing it as a 'our impact is bigger' arg than 'you're being unfair oh noz!' arg.
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