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    You are so full of yourself. Call out culture is toxic hot garbage that accomplishes nothing but personal good feelings and alienation of the person/people called out, which fosters increasingly isolated feelings and entrenched beliefs, which makes it worse. There are productive ways of engaging with people whose beliefs you see as wrong, which involves meaningful dialogue. The underlying purpose of learning argumentation and rhetoric in debate is learning how to persuade. IRL convos outside of debate rounds involve persuading the other person, not an audience. You're just playing to an audience and presenting yourself as morally superior. This is both the lowest tier of slacktivism and emblematic of having learned nothing meaningful from debate and how to translate it into real personal interactions. Try acknowledging different beliefs OR just that someone does hail from a different circuit that necessitates playing to a different audience and moving from there to explain why you think theres something wrong with it. Saying 90% of the debate community would be turned off by his aff is woefully ignorant of the heterogeneity of high school debate circuits; maybe he doesn't believe these things and has this case written for the conservative parents that judge texas uil tournaments. Maybe the research burden on current events and their implications is different. This thread should be locked and holed or just deleted.
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    Uh excuse you. Don’t aid the neg. I know what i’m doing, back down please
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    Just would like to say that I don't do any of the NSDA stuff. I'm a UIL debater and I do debate like they did in the 70's. My coach is old school and he taught me that way. I have never lost as the Aff so I believe that what I'm doing works. There isn't a formatting issue with my 1AC, it's a different style. I have a "right-wing rhetoric" because I debate in Texas. It forces republican debaters to play liberal-- it works. As for topicality, I've got my responses to those for actual debates. I'm sorry if you don't like the way I do things, but I've received nothing but positive responses about how I debate and how I organize and cut cards. I'm frankly you didn't attack the fact that I don't spread either. Thank you for contributing your 2-cents. I will absolutely be changing the way I debate just because someone thinks that it's too old-fashion and conservative! Thanks!
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    X I took the context of this post down. People keep downvoting me because of it.
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    You might have just not even apologized. "Unsafe" isn't the right word, it's the blatant disrespect you dished out. And you can't apologize with "I'm sorry but..." Just please move on.
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    I'm an old school debater stuck in UIL, which hasn't changed since the 70's. That was the format I was taught and that's the common format among UIL debaters. This is edition #57 of that affirmative. The cards answer the crossfire questions we were hit with the most in mocks against our other teams. I understand if people don't like it, but it's my aff that I'm running the rest of the year. My coach has praised it through and through and has promised me it'll take me far. That's all I need
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    I don't let people sit in on my rounds for reasons like that. Discussions are for after the debate. That way you don't influence anything that happens.
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