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    Here is what I'd do if I owned cross-x. Full implementation of this slate will complete your rebirth. 1. Pay Evazon authors to jumpstart the cycle of college debaters commenting on the site to drum up proof of expertise and drive sales traffic. College debate posts are essential to increase the quality of discourse on the site and fulfill pedagogical needs. 2. Pay mods - something modest, but enough to keep the boards clean and productive. 3. Advertise the site. 4. Probably get some google ad stuff going to bring in monthly cash outside of camp ads and evazon. That wouldn't be super popular, but I'd want a steady stream of income to make adjustments as I see fit during off-season time. 5. Theme weeks, better use of sticky threads, permanent memes board, theory crafting board, video archive board with discussion threads. 6. Try to improve community features like following posters, real time chat, etc. No facebook tie-in though, not never. 7. The Big One: Yelp-type board where people can hire coaches as hired guns. Reviews for hired guns. Reviews for semester-long/season-long coaching. Older debaters offering their services hourly, weekly, etc., at prices that match up with their demand. I think I'm a pretty good coach, and it's hard as heck to convince a parent of that when they've never seen a college debate before, and don't understand the significance of "unranked to top 5 in 2.5 years" for long-term coaching. Yelp-type reviews would help make that sale. It also makes sense to me that someone coming here has limited coaching resources, and while most can't shell out $10k for a season-long coach, many can shell out $20 for 2 hours of coaching or something along those lines. I cannot believe this service doesn't exist in an open-market format. The closest was the debate consultantship thing Seth Gannon was trying to do, but I'm not sure where that ever went. Such a system wouldn't be able to sustain itself independently and needs the infrastructure of this website (traffic, brand-name, heavy community involvement, open feedback) to really work. Plus, all those people trying to sell their services would have a heavy incentive to post a ton so people have immediate proof of their qualification.
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    Yeah, sorry i did come off as rude, i was kinda taught that was how to cx im really am sorry. Me and Kasen were talking for a while before tye debate so we separated both the debate and our personal interactions i swear none of us went or tried to go personal
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    Just some advice: a lot of times you write 'his' when referring to the other teams theory arguments, it would be better to write their because it can be considered patriarchal discourse. The opponents aren't necessarily males.
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    This is super hard to type out and way easier to say, but basically I'm going for that about 2/3rds of visas/green cards are given to family-sponsored immigrants (ie chain migrants) which limits the amount of non-family-sponsored immigrants that can come here. The MBI system would then be justified through the harms of leaving the current system and (if mentioned) the harms of increasing the number of visa/green cards given out. That's a tradition at my school... It's kind of a time waster to make the neg lose that minute or so. I've had some judges like it, saying it eases them into understanding the case, but I have mixed feelings on it. It's just there for the time being. I may take it out by State. I think it's being a progressive debater. I like the fear factors I don't see an issue with passive aggressiveness... I've never been voted down for that I'm a bit tired of seeing this... Anthony and I already discussed that. It's because you're progressive, I'm sorry. The easiest way to avoid it is to do what I do-- only use "judge," "opposition," "aff team," and "neg team." And if you gotta be specific, just say 1A, 2A, 1N, 2N. Sorry if this was upsetting anyone, I just didn't see the need to ask or know.... Sorry 😶
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    Honestly you are a fucking wonderful debater and those people who down vote you because they can't take some time to talk to you as a person need to fuck off, know we (me and my partner) love you and appreciate you. You are NDT material and never ever forget it♥
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    Hey stop trying to equate my communities Major issues to someone not asking pronouns and its understood if someone says they don't want to give thiers out you use gender neutral pronouns. Conflating the f word to a debater not needed to disclose probouns is soo inflammatory that you contribute to the toxicity. Do not and I am going to ask you this again Do Not charaterize KTyler as a Homophobe cayse you are dead wrong
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    We deligitimize the use of the word homophobe when you do stuff like this and it hurts my heart. You cannot cast the first stone by assuming he is homophobic if you don't even know if he is part of the community so i must respectfully ask you to delete your post.
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    He meant HIS pronouns shouldn't matter, Jesus don't try so hard to skew someone's words. And where he is from Anti- Immigrant rhetoric might be what wins rounds and he dead ass said his coach was who made the aff soooo. LAMDL gave us a Refugees Aff and Neg one of our cards is "Send them back" sooooooo what you see as Anti-Immigrant Rhetoric others might not see as such. You might hate what im about to say but idc, plz get off your soapbox and stop virture signaling and do not try acting like you know whatreal Anti Immigrant Rhetoric is until you have experienced and felt it cause i bet my bottom dollar you haven't. Downvote me I do not care, it just proves my damn point. 1 - Visas and Refugees Negative.docx
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