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    get friendly with folks in your circuit. they'll often be willing to help you out. also, contact your lab leaders from camp and see if they're willing to help you understand certain arguments. I've been experiencing the same thing for 3 years now, but I'm in CO, so probably not to the same degree of competition that exists in TX. What I've found the most success with is: 1. Write a "small" (no openev equivalent) aff that is very borderline topical with no apocalyptic impacts (systemic violence impacts are great). prep the HELL out of T. block out every word of the resolution, and make an index of all the possible standards. i mean ALL of them. Block out answers to the voters and then do counter-standards, and if you're feeling gutsy, a call for an RVI - you might sacrifice speaks, but it forces a small timeskew and creates an incentive for neg to not go for T. 2. Put the 1AC and 2AC extensions and blocks in the same file, and organize it very neatly with verbatim. (use pockets to separate Case and answers to T, FW, DAs, Ks, and use hats to differentiate different subcategories. This saves lots of time and allows for specific blocks to be written instead of searching your dropbox for the "AT: Framework" file. 3. Critical affs are a little more conducive to this, as you won't have as many straight-up disads to prep out, also, disads to K affs usually don't have much work to do as far as UQ goes, so this can be helpful and takes some labor off you. 4. As much as it may pain you... post (at least) your aff on the wiki. It's the ethical thing to do, and it prevents disclosure theory from getting run on you 5. this being said, don't post 2AC answers to the wiki. also, maybe incorporate a narrative into the 1AC, which by no means needs to be included in the wiki entry, and can make your arguments marginally foggier to teams prepping you out. I'll post a little more on neg later if people think there's any merit to what i'm saying on aff lol
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