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Jon Cruz


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Dear colleague,


The Bronx High School of Science cordially invites you and your team to participate in the thirty-fifth annual Big Bronx New York City Invitational. We are delighted to restore our tradition of offering a challenging and competitive tournament early in the year. Our significant revamping of the tournament will mark a new beginning for a competition with a long history of excellence and prestige. The enlarged, six-round Lincoln-Douglas Debate tournament and the new Public Forum tournament will take place on Friday and Saturday, October 14-15, 2005. The newly-expanded policy tournament--now featuring seven preliminary rounds--will take place on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, October 14-16, 2005. The latter tournament has a finals bid to the Tournament of Champions.


Information about the event--including details on registration, special community honors, planned awards, the tournament's history, and our new, unprecedented hospitality program ("Tastes of the World")--can be found online at Joy of Tournaments, if you scroll down to the listing of tournaments.


This is an exciting year for Big Bronx. Following the New York City Invitational, the Bronx Round Robin will bring together some of the finest Lincoln-Douglas debaters in the nation for two days of intense competition. These rounds are sure to be highly educational and are open to the public. The restoration of the round robin--combined with the projected size and strength of our judging pool and our competitive pool, as well as our new judge strike system and mandatory paradigm disclosure--guarantee this year will be one of the finest in the tournament's history. Similarly, our expanded policy schedule and the addition of a Public Forum Debate tournament will bring together many of the finest competitors both inside and outside the Northeast. All in all, across the three events, we anticipate participation from across the Northeast and from throughout the country, including teams from such states as California, Iowa, Florida, Louisiana, Minnesota, North Carolina, Texas, Virginia, and well beyond.


Registration will be entirely online at Joy of Tournaments. I encourage you to register early, as we anticipate a large, diverse, and highly competitive field. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me at the e-mail address found below.


We hope to see you and your team in New York this October as we restore a legacy.




Jon Cruz

Coach & Tournament Director

Bronx High School of Science


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Our tournament is nearly full in LD and policy entries are starting to come in more rapidly. I encourage everyone to register immediately. Our draw is not limited to the Northeast in CX -- Chaminade College Prep from California is the first school out of our region to register entries in policy, and I anticipate some of the many non-Northeast schools in LD to register CX teams as well.


I hope to see you in October!

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Lakeland AM (Jason Anton/Jackie Maurno)

Lakeland FJ (Ben Faber/Pam Johnson)

Lakeland DS (Andrew Dias/Chris Schiavetta)

Lakeland PS (Joe Perrotto/Joe Spanier)

Lakeland TW (Joanna Tsao/Jason Wright)


plus novices

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Going to bronx will be

Lexington CD (Naomi Campbell/Michael Duncan)

Lexington ?G (Somebody/Lucas Gallardo)

Lexington GS (Stevie Gnatovich/Kelsey Savage)


see all yall there.

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Burlington HW (Ian Hemley and Spencer Wright)

Burlington JF (Holly Jones and Alison Flint)

Burlington LJ (Meaghan Lopes and Anna Jacobs)

Burlington SJ (Matt Senghas and Evan Johnson)

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woot hey everyone stop by the library on teh first floor and say hi to me :) oh ya my guarentee of EVERYONE having a good time still stands so ya :) i guarentee everyone to LOVE this tournament

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Stay tuned during elims if Burlington SJ doesn't do too well for an exhibition debate between Burlington Senghas/Johnson and Bronx Mohammed/Fransisco. We're neg.

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Burlington HR d. Stuyvesant LF (2-1)

Canton Central WM d. Chaminade YL

Edgemont KK d. Lakeland PS (2-1)

Lakeland AM d. Chaminade DD

Lakeland FJ d. IMPACT Coalition UB (3-0)

Lexington CG d. Burlington JS

Lexington SG d. Hanover BW

Weston SB d. Edgemont KW




Canton Central WM d. Lexington CG

Lakeland AM d. Lexington SG

Burlington HR d. Edgemont KK

Weston SB d. Lakeland FJ (3-0)




Burlington HR d. Canton Central WM

Weston SB d. Lakeland AM




Weston SB d. Burlington HR (2-1)




1. Justin Wilhelm (Canton Central WM)

2. Pam Johnson (Lakeland FJ)

3. Aurelia Chadhury (Lexington CG)

4. Geoff Smith (Weston SB)

5. Breanna Novak (Canton Central WM)

6. Jason Anton (Lakeland AM)

7. Joel Butterly (Hanover BW)

8. Mohammed Usman (IMPACT Coalition UB)

9. Sam Kuttner (Edgemont KW)

10. Amy Bond (Weston SB)


...mostly stolen results <_<


and note: Lakeland rocked the novice division

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