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2006-2007 HS Topic Choices

Which topic would you prefer?  

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  1. 1. Which topic would you prefer?

    • Postsecondary Education
    • Aging
    • Africa
    • National Service
    • Latin America

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Latin America was the best, too bad it's gone. How lame.


Agreed. *sigh.*


The developing economics debate and US heg in the region debates alone would have made that killer. Not to mention the fact that I had already dusted off my already cut copy of Deterring Democracy for the occassion. *sigh*


Africa is the next best, the only problem I see with it is that it limits the debate almost too much, the wording is good but it takes out quite a few areas that I really would have loved to debate on (issues of the 4th world, the blood diamond trade, etc.)

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i was really hoping for LA, wtf. the FT debate would have rocked, and i heard more about africa and national service last year than i ever want to. just one night of a few 3-minute speeches on nat'l service sucked, but a whole year of policy debate? africa might not be too bad, but i'd get sick of the malthus stuff too - that was another one of our congress reses.


hopefully 07-08 will be better :sob:

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What happens to LA anyway?


I would guess Latin America will be one of the papers presented to the Topic Selection Meeting in August. The following year will be a mandatory international topic.

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