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What caveat do you want me to clarify? About the only thing I have a bias on is spec arguments. I usually tend to go aff on those unless there is unbelievable abuse due to in round moving target... but then its better to just run a straight up moving target independent voter and be done with than run a spec.


I have faith in Hauber. None in Shawn. Who let Shawn out of the funny farm?



If Susq, NFA, Stuy. Loyola, P-bury & Truman come it will be a leap forward in comp.....


The only addition in that list from previous years is NFA. The rest have been coming... well, maybe not Susq. But thats just 1 team. Not one squad. One team. Loyola and Stuy always come. Loyola cause of Durkin, and Stuy because Julie Sheinman likes to win sweeps every year.



Dont lie. You have no sense of humor. :)





Crack hoes are nuttin. Not as bad as the Penn tourny of days past... when there was an S&M convention going on in the Sheraton where we were staying. Nothing more pleasant to see at 1am on a Saturday night, after grueling through 5 rounds of debate with intervening hours with which to twiddle thumbs, never having eaten anything better than a lousy overcooked chicken sandwich from BK... than to see some old geriatric women in see-through lace and leather undergarmets walking up and down the halls carrying chips, chains and handcuffs making grumbling noises sounding oddly like a hoarse george carlin while the nubbin of a Newport pops out the corner of their mouth... stoned out of their minds, they find extreme amusement in the act of conversing with underage teenage kids about the throes of masochism and serious blunt rolling skills...


Oh the memories... kill me now....

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