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Hire Me as a Personal Coach

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Originally posted in misc but didnt see it come up in home page feeds.

Hi, I'm Colin. I'm offering up my services as a virtual coach. Been in debate for a decade, 3 years debating in high school, 4 years in college, 3 years coaching in college at GMU. I'm comfortable with every skill level, but I most enjoy working with jv/novice debaters.

I'm comfortable with arguments from varying ideological camps, though most familiar with the policy side of things. I started debate in old school rural Texas debate, so I know how to coach on less progressive circuits as well. I'm more interested in helping with skills development than just handing over files. 

Things this would entail: 

- Strategy/prep discussion

- Argument discussion

- File/research direction and review; includes sending articles to cut for files, identifying weak points, direction on file formatting, and other things

- Practice speeches (redos, shotgun speeches, etc)

- Weekly video chats to do one or more of the above items (~1 hr long)

- Available by email or messaging most of the time (gotta sleep and do other things)


Things this would not entail:

- Tournament travel (unless circumstances permit)

- Providing or cutting cards/files for you. I may toss a handful of cards your way to help round out a file or because I got excited about something I read, but really, this isn't included and shouldn't be expected. My intention is skills building (coaching), not feeding evidence.

- Unprofessional communication. There will be no personal phone or social media communication. All communication would be over cross-x, email, or slack (I'll create a slack for people i coach) and using jitsi.org for video chat. A caveat here is I want to speak to parents before starting any payment or services. This is all about maintaining a professional working relationship.

- Coaching a whole squad altogether. I guess it could happen if partnerships all signed up with me, but coordinating whole squads is like herding cats and, to be frank, I'm not interested.



- $180/month for a single student 

- $220/month for a partnership


In an effort to make my conclusion on pricing both transparent and objective, here is how I came to those numbers:

- Between the hour long video meeting, file review, discussions that happen over messaging/email, and research I assist you with, I'm approximating that to be about 3 hours a week.

- I think $15/hr is fair, so $45/week

- 4 weeks a month, boom, $180

- Partnerships mean 2 people and likely needing to do video meetings for each individual or extended video meetings for both together, so slight increase in price that in reality is a discount to individual students.

I recognize you are all high school students who may even have to pay with money you earn with your own jobs. I'm happy to discuss special circumstances on pricing to meet you partway. Don't try to take advantage of me and lie, I'm trying to be helpful.


Feel free to ask questions in this thread, but DM me if you're interested. 

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