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Can't Understand Kritiks...

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So as far as kritiks and kritikal debate, I have a general idea of what the argument is, and can run some rudimentary ones no problem, and seeing as I'm a Division 3A HS debater in Texas, running up against kritiks in genuine competition is exceedingly rare. The issue is, for the past two years, I've qualified for state and have gotten absolutely hammered by kritikal arguments that I don't know how to respond to due to the fact that I can never understand what the living f*** they're saying.

Maybe it's just me, but when I hear my opponent pumping out large words that I've never heard and all this philosophical rhetoric, my brain shuts down and I always lose to these kritiks. Cross-ex doesn't really help either because when I ask my opponents to clarify, they use the same convoluted terms I didn't understand in the first place.

Just putting this out there wondering if anyone else has experienced these issues or if anyone knows ways to figure out what all the kritikal arguments mean

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First, in cross-ex, don't let them get away with using convoluted terms.  If they use a phrase such as "dialectical materialism" or something like that, stop them right there and make them tell you what that means.  If it doesn't make sense to you, continue to ask until you understand it.  Usually, if you ask the right questions, you can show how your opponents don't really understand their kritik much better than you do.

Second, use open evidence.  If you guys are class 3A, most of the Ks you see will be straight out of open evidence.  For example, if your opponent is running the Psychoanalysis K, just find the Psychoanalysis K file in open evidence, look for the "Aff Answers" section, and boom!  Most of your basic K answers will be right there, and you don't even have to understand the K to use the answers in round.

Third, study up.   Just check out a few camp files on some common Ks.  Read the Alts.  This will help you tremendously.

EDIT: I just thought of a forth thing I highly recommend doing.  Find yourself a good old, classic kritik - like the Cap K - and cook it up with your partner and run it yourself.  I'm sure that everyone on this site can agree that actually running a kritik is the best way to learn about kritiks.   And, since Ks are highly effective, you'll probably get some Ws along the way.  That's what I call a win-win.

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This file is all I've ever needed to beat a kritik, comes with explainations of what the evidence is saying and how to use it. All you need to know is how it relates to the kritik in the round, so my usual go-to CX question is something like "what is the goal of the K" or something to that effect. Another good CX question is to ask how the K specifically links to your aff, because chances are, the link isn't super specific. You're main priority against a kritik shouldn't really be to disprove it entirely, because that's not an argument you can really win in most places, you should be trying to prove to the judge that the K can't achieve its own solvency as well that doing your plan is good. You're not gonna beat the links, and you're not gonna impact turn. My personal strategy always involved most of the following actions: linking the neg back to the K especially if their link to the aff is generic (kind of hard if you don't know about the K they read, so very optional), read solvency deficits to the alt, permutating is almost mandatory, and weighing the aff against the K and essentially using your own case as a disad to the alternative. These are some pretty basic strategies that I used in a Division 5A HS in Idaho. What JSamuel said is good, reading Ks is a good way to submerge yourself into the thought process of kritiks; to defeat the K debater, you must become the K debater.Cede the Political too good.docx

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