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Effects and Extra Topicality

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Does anyone have aff answers to effects or extra topicality arguments?  I'm having trouble finding stuff.


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AT - “Extra T”

1. It gives them more ground – every new plan plank we add is a new disad link 
or counterplan for the negative. They should be thanking us. 
2. It’s inevitable – parts of plan, like enforcement and funding, will always be 
outside the resolution. Don’t punish us for something we can’t avoid. 
3. Severance is enough – just don’t consider any advantages from parts of the 
plan that are extra-topical. That remedies any ground they might have lost. 
4. Exclusionary counterplans – if we get advantages from extra planks, the neg 
can always sever out that plank and get a net benefit, which will prevent affs 
from being too abusive. 


AT - “Effects T”

1. There’s no bright-line – how many steps is too many? There’s no clear 
2. Every case requires steps – the plan has to be drafted, passed through 
Congress, signed by the president, enforced, each of which could be considered 
a separate step. That makes effects T inevitable. 
3. The resolution doesn’t prevent it – there’s no reason the resolution wouldn’t 
include effectually topical cases – they’re making up rules. Ad hoc theory is 
bad for debate because it rewards the neg for complaining instead of going out 
and researching the case, which destroys the educational value of debate. 
4. It gives them more ground – every new step by the plan is a new link for the 
neg and makes our solvency more difficult. That gives them more ground

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49 minutes ago, JSamuel said:

Thanks, that's some good stuff.  Just what I needed.

Cool. But I’ll say though- these are just starting points— they’re too wordy and also some are just bad. So you might wanna fix it up :) 

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