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Coach Debate in China

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Hi, you might remember me as the guy who made policy debate memes five years ago.  In the past five years, I've been coaching Public Forum in Shanghai, China.  This summer, I will be introducing Policy Debate to the more advanced students.

I moved my way up to a management position in a new debate company that started in the fall.  We're expanding next semester, so we're looking to bring in some new debate coaches into into the fold!

About Us:

We are a new debate company based in Eastern China focused on American-style debate. Harbinger Debate teaches classes in Shanghai, Hangzhou, Nanjing, Wuxi, and Ningbo (All nearby cities). The founders of the company both did debate in the United States and have extensive experience in coaching Public Forum. In order to expand, we are looking for qualified candidates to come to China and join our coaching staff, who with debate or debate coaching experience on specific debate formats including public forum debate, policy debate, Congressional debate, Lincoln Douglas debate or others.




The NSDA China branch hosts 20+ Public Forum competitions each semester. The format of PF is the same as it is in America other than the fact that they only have three topics per year: one for each semester + one for NSDA China Nationals in August. The debates are held in English, so no need to understand the Chinese language. The coach will be based in Shanghai, China.


Job Duties:


  • Report directly to the Academic Director.

  • Teach Speech and Debate classes in our after-school program, online and in local schools.

  • Develop case strategies, cut cards, and contribute to topic briefs.

  • Revise cases/blocks written by students.

  • Assistance with Marketing.

  • Help plan and run the Hangzhou NSDA Regional.

  • Collaborate with Teaching Assistants in order to give feedback about debater’s performance.

  • Give advice to students while they’re at competitions.


Qualified Candidates:

  • Experience competing in Public Forum, Lincoln-Douglas, Congress or Policy Debate.

  • Bachelor’s Degree.

  • Willingness to travel to nearby cities for both classes and competitions.

  • Strong work ethic.




  • Highly competitive salary + bonuses based on numbers of hours taught.

  • Assistance in finding housing.

  • Generous vacation allowance.

  • Flexible weekly working hours.

  • Health Insurance for international hospitals.

  • Opportunity to own equity in the company.

  • Help in sponsoring a work visa.


Interested candidates may send their CV to coachjim@joydebater.com

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