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This is a pretty big question! I'd suggest going to Youtube and looking for lectures on this. I'll give some general tips, though.

1. Make an interpretation that argues your K aff should be allowed. 

2. Give reasons why your interpretation is better for debate than theirs (called standards). Is it more educational to include kritikal arguments? Is your aff uniquely important to discuss? Think of some reasons.

3. Answer their specific arguments, and talk about why your standards are better than theirs.

4. Frame the round in terms of what it would mean if their interpretation was applied to all of debate. Make the argument that their interpretation creates a bad model of debate.

5. You'll want to make arguments why USfg action is bad -- state cooption, doesn't create the same result, etc.

This is some very general stuff -- again, you should definitely search online for lectures or talk to coaches if you have them. I'm not an expert, but I hope this helped! : )

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