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White Nationalism DA?

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Hey y'all. I've hit this white nationalism DA at tournaments over and over again and keep losing to it. It's just saying that the plan (refugees) causes a bunch of whites in Congress to get mad, backlash and get nukes = extinction. I get that the i/l stuff makes no sense on how whites in congress get nukes on US soil, but am unable to come up with any other args for the 2ac. Any help? 

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1-don't bend to the demands of white supremacists-their presentation of this logic in debate only naturalizes the attitude that these people's demands should be accepted and followed

2-thumpers-there've already been immigration bills that should've triggered the impact

3-no internal link-nuclear codes aren't under the control of white people in Congress

4-no internal link-they won't try to get nukes just because of refugees-they won't be THAT mad

5-no impact-they don't have anyone they want to nuke. They like America a lot so they obviously won't nuke it, and if they have another country you can maybe turn it.

6-Idk maybe read that twitter diversion card that people read against Trump lashout

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