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have you seen this CP?

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a while back i saw some CP for K affs that was advocating for some kind of community discussion/campfire whatever, to address the aff's critiques. i thought i saved it but i can't find it anywhere. do any of y'all know where to look or any similar CPs?

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I ran into a CP (for a traditional aff, not a K one) where they just took a bunch of immigration experts and consulted them about the plan, it was pretty abusive there was no real net benefit, so it was easy to counter.

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I think what you're talking about is an out of round dialogue CP, which basically just says that the ideas of the K should be discussed, just not in the context of a competitive debate round, because it's impossible to fully explore an idea with the time and side constraints of debate, and because the competitive nature of debate makes it hard to engage in good dialogue or education. I would advise against reading this argument, because it's not particularly good and there are some pretty good and easy to come up with answers that will usually beat it.


These are some good answers

1-In round discussion is key to truth testing the aff because out of round dialogue provides no incentive to point out flaws because there's no competitive aspect-means out of round dialogue can't build effective projects

2-There's no model of what debate would look like in the world of the CP because it links to everything, not just k affs-their model would be that everyone leaves debate to talk about stuff outside of it

3-Perm do both solves-if it's good to talk about the aff at all, then talking about it within the round in addition to out of round is net better


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