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Due to the utter lack of people wanting to do policy at my school, I'm transitioning to LD. Planning to go to camp, but I'm still unsure (heard VBI, TDC, and NSD were good). I'm a more K oriented debater, but anything goes. I have a few questions:

1. What should I expect in terms of common arguments?

2. Anything specific I should probably work on?

3. How progressive is the Texas circuit?

4. Spreading is chill, right?

5. Which camps would you recommend?

6. Which K's are most common?

7. What ON HELL is a spike? (Balsas 6)


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Ok so unlike policy (at least in traditional ld) there are no plans on aff or CP's, PIC's on neg BUT because you are in Texas that means every single school is doing progressive LD so you will hit both plans and PIC's, CP's, theory, K's, etc. If you are planning on only doing circuit LD then policy has prepped you very well but if you want to try to go to nats then you need to get better at traditional LD, so study up basic phil and focus more on learning about values debate. Again if you are in a circuit round at a circuit tourney, spreading is fine. As far as camps I think VBI is good. K's to expect really depend on the topic but if you are doing the march/april topic definitely bio-power(like that is a huge one). Finally a spike is like preemptive defense. You are basically reading a front line in the opening speech, its done as a way to save time/ not debate. 

TL;DR: Texas is very progressive. Study Values. Spike=preemptive defense

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