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This doesn't seem like a great argument because there's probably no way to predict exactly how many people would try to immigrate because of an aff so I think reasonability would probably win.


Ground-core generics aren't dependent on a precise number of immigrants, they're just "a lot" or "not a lot" which most affs will make pretty clear, and things like base don't even have to be "a lot".


Conditionality-there's not really a great impact attached to this and you don't read a card defining resolved. They could get out of this by just reading a short counter-definition and it doesn't really let them "shift" in the 2AC because they aren't trying to change their answer for how many immigrants get let in.


Clash-this doesn't make much sense. The whole aff is about the material implications of the plan, and you can clash with those. If there is ground which there probably is, then there is clash, there doesn't have to be clash on every single thing the aff says because that's an absurdly high standard and you can't clash with everything.


Education-this card would have to be specific to providing exact numbers which it probably isn't. Otherwise they will meet that they are precise enough.


Make sure you ask them how many immigrants get let in in 1AC CX because if you don't then the 2AC can just say " we let in x people, they should've asked in CX, there's no abuse, default to reasonability"


Additionally, I think that forcing the aff to specify the number of immigrants in the plan text could potentially be extra-T in some cases which probably isn't great.

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