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What new AFF should I write?

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Hi debate community- 

I have been running a high-skills AFF this season. With 2 or 3 tournaments left, I am looking to produce a new AFF. Something small would be preferable. Please help me get some ideas!

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Hard Right - Collaborators, MAVNI, AI

I Want to run policy but not sound like a neocon- Conrad 30, DREAM or DACA, Refugees

Cool progessive policy affs- Public Charge, Queer Migration, Blood Quantum, Diversity Visas, Open Borders (there's a fem one too), Gender Asylum

The fun stuff (k affs)- Moten, Quantum Life, Set Col, Buadrillard, Leprosy, Model Minority, Middle Passage, 

you can either write these yourself, or maybe grab them off openev

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