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2 hours ago, openpolicydebater23 said:

How do you respond to K advantages when your neg. (Like Xenophobia racism deportation)

For soft left affs you can either go hard on policy or go further left. Either read a bunch of util and extinction o/w with disads and CPs (it helps to have DA turns aff like angry base leads to more xenophobia) or you can read lefty Ks/high theory and make root cause args

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If you're going to go hard policy, you MUST win the framework debate. 16 extinction scenarios get you nothing if the only thing the judge considers are in round implications. Know your judge. A judge who leans policy isn't going to need nearly as much convincing on this. A judge who leans kritikal (like me) already thinks DAs (and DA stacking) are ridiculous. You want to put as much ink on the framework flow as possible to get us to a place where we'll consider "real world" implications. Cater your arguments to your judge.

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