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Elimination is a form of reduction
Morton 12 (BA Melbourne University, Workshop on management)

58. The term “reduce” includes eliminate i.e. someone can reduce some­thing to nothing.



Federal code proves elimination is a way to reduce.
US Code 2005 (Code of Federal Regulations - Title 26: Internal Revenue (December 2005), 26 CFR 54.4980F-1, http://cfr.vlex.com/vid/54-significantly-reducing-future-accrual-19711258)

 (c) Elimination or cessation of benefits. For purposes of this section, the terms reduce or reduction include eliminate or cease or elimination or cessation.


Legislation proves reduce can mean eliminate – you can reduce to zero.
Major Samuel W. Kan, Judge Advocate, U.S. Army, citing Virginia Code, January 2010, Army Lawyer, Lexis Academic

n316 VA. CODE ANN. § 58.1-322 (Westlaw 2010) ("$ 15,000 of military basic pay for military service personnel on extended active duty for periods in excess of 90 days; however, the subtraction amount shall be reduced dollar-for-dollar by the amount which the taxpayer's military basic pay exceeds $ 15,000 and shall be reduced to zero if such military basic pay amount is equal to or exceeds $ 30,000.").

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