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What's the difference between framework and framing?

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22 minutes ago, Justreallyconfused said:

It came to my attention that they are different but I don't know what the difference between them is, and I'm confused as to how they function in a debate round. I've asked but people have always told me different answers 

Framing is a subcategory of framework, and it's usually presented in the form of a guideline that details the most important arguments/impacts in the round. Usually it's A is more important than B, because C, D, E. My opinions on framework differ from a lot of other people (I see topicality and theory as subcategories of fw too, but I'm a k debater so they always seemed similar lol), but the way I view it is Framework is like the rules of the debate space, and theory, framework, and topicality are all subcategories of this. Hope this helped at least a little lol

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Framing is usually understood as the debate on how the judge should weigh different parts of the debate, such as impacts. For example, if the aff reads a structural violence advantage and the neg reads a DA with a nuclear war impact, the neg might make framing arguments like "nuclear war causes extinction which outweighs everything-the judge should use a utilitarian lens to save the most lives" while the aff might say something like "structural violence outweighs because we should stop current suffering first." Framework is a very different argument, which is more concerned with the "rules" of debate. There are two main ways that framework is usually read

1-As an off case argument against K affs that says the aff should have to defend a topical plan.

2-As a 2AC answer to Ks that says the aff should get to weigh its fiated implications against the k.


The distinction between framing and framework can be confusing, but knowing the difference can be very important to many different debates.

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