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How should I go for FW/T USFG in the 2NC against a K Aff

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Hello folks, 

I live in a region where there are a lot of K teams and my main strategy is FW. I have a pretty complete FW file and know the basic fundamentals of going for FW. However, I don't know the structure of going FW, or like is there a checklist that I need to run through ie when do I give the TVA, or when I have two impacts like fairness and dogmatism, do I give two OVs separately or just one big OV?

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For me, I usually structure it like any T shell really [Interp, Violation, Standards, and then Impacts]. For TVA, I have that as just offense and read that at the end of the speech. I'm probably not the best Framework hack here so I bet someone else has a better structure, but that structure continues to win me K rounds. 

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