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De-Dev: Help me out!

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I don't like DEDEV, nor do I fully understand it. Few questions:
1) Are there any theoretical reasons to reject de-dev?

2) How do I beat DEDEV / dissuade the NEG from going for it?

3) Best way to beat de-dev when reading an AFF with existential impacts?

4) PLEASE give me a generic double-bind to read in the 1AR against de-dev!!!!!!!

Please help me! 

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1-Maybe but they probably aren't very good and I can't think of them off the top of my head.

2-Beat dedev by winning that economic decline is a bad thing, and doing line by line, evidence comparison, etc. You can dissuade the neg from going for it by not reading an economy advantage/kicking it or putting a lot of answers on dedev in the 2AC.

3-You can use your other advantages to outweigh dedev, so if you have a tech leadership advantage where the impact is extinction from China war and an econ advantage and they dedev the econ advantage, even if they win that economic decline is good you can win that china war outweighs and still win. Also just like have answers to specific dedev arguments, because there are some convincing reasons why economic decline is not such a good thing.

4-I don't have one off the top of my head. This also probably wouldn't be a very great answer to dedev. 


There was a lecture on dedev and how to answer it by Jonah Jacobs at the Michigan camp this summer and there might be a recording floating around somewhere. I'd suggest listening to that to get a better understanding of the different ways that dedev is read and some of the common ways that it is answered. Good luck!

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Somewhat related, I think a good dedev 2AC should have a few things. Keep in mind I'm only a 1A, and also not a dedev pro.


1) Economic growth is sustainable - This means that a collapse won't happen, which is why I think the best econ advantages aren't based on collapse, but rather stagnation; when the economic growth slows, that's bad, but it stays growing none the less

2) There is no "limit" to growth - Will likely get you out of some of the Trainer evidence, might resolve an internal link to an environment impact to dedev

3) Growth good (this is likely in the 1AC) - Self explanatory

4) Growth solves the impact to dedev - Also self explanatory

5) No mindset shift - Even post economic collapse, people will still pursue growth

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