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DCI Bid system 2018-2019

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One tournament each weekend, as in past years. You have to have at least a 50% win record to earn any bids at a tournament.

Octofinals (or top 16): 1 bid
Quarterfinals: 2 bids
Semifinals: 3 bids
Losing finalists: 4 bids
Champion: 5 bids
CFL / NSDA national qualification: 2 bids each

Once you have earned 4 bids, you are qualified to the 2019 DCI. The math doesn't change a whole lot.

2019 Bidtracker link: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1SS_HMNLdBUTMFvY5725189dgwYIEWdYRBgEoYb7fIUQ/edit#gid=0


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