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Speaker Point Questions

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Recently attended a tournament, and looked at my speaker points from it, and I can't seem to where it fits on the whole speaker point "spectrum". Should speaker points be evaluated solely off that number without regard of other factors? By that I mean, if you see what someone averaged, could you tell where it would be, or would you have to compare it to the tournament competitors? I'm sure a 27 average is recognized as universally bad, and a 29 average is universally good, but what about the in between? What should one strive for in regards to speaker point average?

Also had a question on partner speaker point differentials. My partner and I had an average differential of .5 points (28.45 - 27.95 w/ 6 rounds) Is that a huge or considerable disparity? What deficit should one not try to go over? 

I hope my questions aren't confusing. Just wanted to clear up on this whole "speaker point" things.

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