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IS Framework the same thing as T?  

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  1. 1. Is Framework the same thing as T?

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50 minutes ago, Lukrau said:

Both are violence so

Yeah I mean when it comes down to it all thought is violence according to D&G. /s

Actually answering the post, kinda sorta not really. Often they look similar. Lots of people call framework T-USFG. K debaters often call framework T, probably to annoy the team reading framework. Framework tends to articulate a model of evaluation, i.e. the conditions for a team to win are x. For the framework typically read against K affs, x is contesting the desirability of a topical plan. Ks also often articulate a framework, where x could be having a good relationship to capital or training revolutionaries or something like that. Topicality attempts to determine the scope of the resolution, i.e. regardless of how we evaluate a debate, it should be about a limited topic with a particular definition. Almost all impacts are related to this limit. Is the limit predictable, is the limit equitable, etc. Usually a framework shell will contain T components, hence T-USFG: the debate should be limited to issues of government policy. It also may have components not directly related to topicality; premising advantages off of hypothetical plan action is builds decision-making skills.

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