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Aff "reasons to prefer" for a refugees aff

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Pretty self-explanatory. I'm prepping aff blocks for T-Immigration for a refugees aff. So far, I have Limits, Ground, Precision, Reasonability, Potential Abuse, and Education. I feel like there's more to be had.

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I don't think you need to list off so many reasons to prefer; it'll be hard to flow and you'll spend unnecessary 2AC time.

In 1NC CX, ask what specific ground they lose:

--if they can't think of any, say "no ground loss" in the 2AC.

--if they list some things, either explain why those things are bad to debate or why your interpretation allows them in the 2AC.

In the 2AC

Make a "we meet" argument if possible.

Read your counter-interpretation and say something like "that interpretation is best--our definition evidence is qualified and contextual--refugees are a predictable topic and discussing the violence done to refugees is more valuable than protecting arbitrary limits."

Then, make a defensive argument to each 1NC standard, ("overlimiting is bad," "you still get XYZ ground.")

Then you can say reasonability and "don't vote on potential abuse."

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