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How to write a K AFF

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I am at camp rn but don't love the aff i am working on. I want to cut a K AFF but I don't know how. Could someone just provide me with the structure of a K AFF so i can try to cut one? Thanks

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I don’t think there’s a SET structure for making a K aff but what is certain is taht there should a narrative to it, a story of the problem of the resolution taht you’re critiquing. What your narrative to the aff is about varies about the method of which you critique

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I mean, as a dedicated cheater in the world of debate, I can provide you some tips and tricks for cutting a K AFF even though there is no “set structures”.


My 3 biggest tips would be:

-> Center the aff around some theorizarion you like. You need to get this shit very well in order to explain it to other people, so pick something you’ll have fun trying to understand.

-> Have a dedicated way to beat framework that is in the 1AC but not extremely obvious. This will vary from aff to aff.

-> Center your aff around something particular, hopefully something that is relevant to the topic. This makes is easier for people who are not you to understand.


That said, have fun being a cheater!

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so for something like a fem aff, can i just create my own FW? and how would i do that 

From what I have seen framework on K affs like this will come down to prioritization. The other team will always argue they cant debate you and that you are basically cheating. For most judges the way you can win framing is you---

a ) Win case, you need to prove harms and a solid way of critiquing the whole topic. If you don't Kritik the whole topic the other team has a much easier time winning.

b ) Make your impact part of your framework. This means that you need to prove that their model of debate reinforces or increases whatever violence you talk about in your 1ac.


If you want a baseline for a winable-ish framing doc I would recommend making answers to the arguments in the 1nc from the docs bellow.


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