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ODT Postings: Round 5

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Given the tournament is a double-elim bracket, some of you may be eliminated. Below is the list of remaining competitors. Furthermore, given that the suspense of the first two rounds is out of the way, RFDs are now allowed to be public


Please review the rules before starting a thread. Either debater may start the thread. If no thread is started, the round is a double loss. If no 1AC is posted within 24 hours, the aff loses, assuming the neg started the thread. Judges, please PM me the decision and speaker points ASAP. Tournament timeframe rules are flexible; please contact the inactive debater before awarding a loss. If anyone would not like to judge or compete, please PM me ASAP so you can be removed from the pool. If there are any complaints or concerns, please PM me. If there is a forfeiture with no speech doc, the speaks are immediately 30/0, or 0/0 in the event of a double loss. If there is a speech doc, use it to determine speaker points. If I messed up, ie, you've been neg 4 times in a row now, you're missing but you haven't lost two rounds, etc, please let me know lol. If there are any further questions, please post in the thread or PM me. 




Good luck to those remaining!





[Aff] vs [Neg] / [Judge]





nihilistkitten vs Jw4167 / CynicClinic, Lukrau, vmanAA738
TheTrashDebater vs TheSnowball / DavidGriffith, PailAmbrose, lawsonhudson
Bayernuard vs ronniesportman / Nonegfiat, sfrpeterm, outlier
The rest of the tournament should be fairly simple to tab; after the round dictated by these postings, there will be a BYE for the winner of the UP bracket, as well as two more debates in the DOWN bracket (I think). The winner of the UP will then face the winner of the DOWN for the champion position.


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