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I come from a really small school where my partner and I are the only varsity debaters and we're trying to bid to the ToC next year. Something that we really struggle with is that we don't have any backfiles or good answers to common, or uncommon arguments, and end up completely undercovering arguments in terms of cards or using unhighlighted blocks from open evidence. While we have a few incomplete files that we've made and traded for and TheQuackDebater's Small School Starter Pack files, I thought it would be really cool if a bunch of small schools and anyone who wanted to help, could put together fully prepped out files that we have for everyone to use. We have a few things that could be of help to a lot of people and rather than putting a huge burden on one person, a lot of people could contribute smaller files or could just produce quality backfiles that they have.


A list of items that would be dope:

Quality lower theory K files like Cap K, Security K, Nietzsche, etc.

Full Theory File

Anti-Blackness Answers

Offcase that aren't topic specific: Advantage CPs, DAs with aff specific links like warming or human rights

Framework File (vs K aff)

Framework File (Util vs Deon type of thing)

Anything else you've found helpful throughout your career as a debater


I don't want to sound lazy, because I understand that people work hard on making these files, and I want to contribute to this as well. And while open evidence files are good enough for new teams, but it's really hard to be competitive at national tournaments at a small school that doesn't have a coach without more comprehensive files. I'll post a couple items by the end of the day, I recently got a new computer so I need to find files and then reformat them...


Thanks to all who can help


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im totally willing to contribute, my school has two teams so i understand the struggle, do we want to make like a google drive or something to get people together?

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