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Hi Everyone!


If you've seen much of my content you might know that I am the owner and Director of Debate at the Digital Debate Camp. We are an online camp that aims to replace the pedagogical function of the traditional camp structure by utilizing online education strategies. We function the same as a regular normal camp in theory - there are lectures, practice speeches, and tons of 1-on-1 instruction (but more on that later). While we can't quite recreate the special feeling of a summer immersed in debate surrounded by peers, we also know that access to a traditional camp is often far outside the means of most debaters. Because we can sidestep the fixed costs of housing etc. the Digital Debate Camp is priced at a modest $400. When I was in high school my family couldn't come close to affording a top camp without significant financial aid, and because we heavily privilege accessibility, we maintain an aggressive aid program with an enormous success rate. 


We don't think we can eclipse the formal camp structure, but we have a lot to offer. Our camp is quite long - we run from June 1st to August 1st. Second, we offer more 1-on-1 instruction than any other camp I know. Our instructors offer dozens of office hours a piece each week, ensuring someone will always be available when you are for practice speeches, argument development, file critique, or whatever else you may want out of an instructor. 


We instruct LD, PF, and Policy debate. We are also specially attuned to novice debate, from middle school on up. 


You can find out more at our new, updated website: www.digitaldebatecamp.com


If you have any questions, I'd love to take them here, or you can contact me directly through our website. 




Note to mods: I've paid to advertise on the site every time I've been prompted. The website owner can feel free to take advertising fees for this summer from my residual evazon balance. 

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How exactly is it run like what platform do you use to actually conduct the camp?

I'm actually considering this.

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We use google platforms and dropbox. Camp-wide discussion through a google group (also ensures campers can speak to each other), live lectures on google hangouts and/or youtube uploads, 1-on-1 instruction through google hangouts. All freely available technology so there's no overhead for debaters - you just need a computer and an internet connection. 

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