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Policy Coach for My Team

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Hey so I'm a graduating senior from Bentonville High School in Northwest Arkansas, and I'm looking for a policy debate coach to help my novices.  Our team just tripled in size, and we come from the land of lay PF and LD.  So progressive policy has very little infrastructure in my state.  


That means my novices don't have a coach (our "coach" just has a Masters in Communication with little debate experience), and we don't have any rising JV policy debaters with around 4 novice teams.   They all work hard and will be attending camp over the summer.  


Additionally, our team is in the process of going national, so they need someone to guide them.  I would but I'm leaving the state to go to the UChicago. 


I'm looking for someone who would be willing to coach, attend around 4 national tournaments, and potentially judge for Bentonville.  Of course, there would be payment for said activities.


If you're interested please PM me and I will direct you to my coach.

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I think that the fact that all of your kids are going to Camp means that they will be able to sustain the program. Good luck finding a coach though, they are becoming very hard to come by. Hearing a story about a growing team is very rare these days and it makes me happy to see one. Best of luck to y'all. 

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