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When was this site the most active?

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No, I've genuinely seen people publically celebrating his death at a local, I also live in super liberal portland. 

Meant Snarf's reply to you. I'm from the most liberal place in the nation statistically (DC) so yes I'm aware. 

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As I am likely the oldest remaining active (sort of) member of the cross-x community, I can fill in some details.


The timeline of cross-x.com roughly goes as follows:


Early years dominated by folks with lengthy debate-specific discourse. Significant growth occurred when Phil Kerpen bought the site from Oren Cass and launched evidence purchasing, specifically the Thursday File (weekly politics disad). With the explosion in highschool users came unfettered trolls and immaturity. The old timers like myself tried our best to refocus the site but it was a losing battle. At some point, during a website upgrade a large percentage of threads were lost. With that, the old timers left one by one. A great deal of our work was gone and most of us were already college graduates in the real world with no time nor desire to try and resurrect things from the ashes. There was another brief boost with virtual debates and when two other guys bought the site. But each was marred by competitors stealing page views. 3NR, etc. And now its a ghost of what it once was.


I lurk sometimes just to see if any old timers are around. But they are done.

Who would you say has contributed most to cross-x.com, of all posters?  From reading through this website, I would say either you, maury, snarf??

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