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How to counter psychoanalysis

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Read a framework argument about winning the debate based on proving the plan is a good idea.


Make multiple permutations.


Be able to defend how you justify your plan.


You can read specific stuff if it's a specific K. You'd answer Žižek differently from Lacan, and Derrida differently from Deleuze.


Figure out what exactly those teams are criticizing and be able to defend that way of looking at the world.


Make sure they can't go for a floating PIK.


Look through OpenEvidence files for good generic cards.


Remember that they don't know what they're talking about. Pin them down to something very simple and specific in CX and refute that thing.

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I would suggest a couple of things


1. Read a card that says psychoanalysis is not falsifiable

2. in cross-x stress how lacanian psychoanalysis is appliable to the political 

3. make framework arguements on how your form of education is valuable

4. If you read a policy aff the link is probably a fiat link Antonio 95 if you read a k aff it will be lundenburg it says thst you try to make change that eill never happen which is a link thst you probably won't be able to contetest.

5. The alt is garbage there are two main alts ask them what they do 1. Transveral of the fantasy and 2. Embrace the death drive.

6. in the 2ac read floating PIKS bad in the 2AC they will frame it as a PIK in the 2NC or 1NR

7. What is your circuit and what teams run it I doubt they understand it either

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