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Best of Kansas 2017-2018

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copied from another thread - as the season in Kansas wraps up, feel free to fill out as much or as little of this as you want






Lay debater/partnership:



Prettiest speaker:


Most annoying:

Best 1A:

Best 2A:

Best 1N:

Best 2N:

Most likely to do well next year:


Underrated team:

Best K debater:

PTX debater:

T debater:

Most likely NDT champ:

Nicest debater:

Best Evidence:

Best argument:

Worst argument:

Best K:

Best Aff:

Best excuse for losing:

Best tournament for hanging out:

Best human being:

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Partnership: bvsw sumaya and rachel
Squad: bvsw
Coach: zuck
Lay debater/partnership: maverick from bvsw
Aff: raina and grace
Neg: smnw ko 
Fastest: julian
Most annoying: emmanuel osei
Best 1A: sivani badrivenkata 
Best 2A: sumaya
Best 1N: jack bellemere
Best 2N: gwen elo
Most likely to do well next year: raina and grace
Judge: mallory copeland
Underrated team: sivani badrivenkata 
Best K debater: julian
PTX debater: ptx is dead
T debater: jimin 
Nicest debater: brenda from waru
Best Evidence: royal 10
Best argument: neolib
Worst argument: base disad
Best K: neolib
Best Aff: title 1
Best excuse for losing: the judge flowed in crayon
Best tournament for hanging out: dci
Best human being: nico 

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Partnership: SMNW KO


Squad: BVSW


Coach: Carey or Skenn


Lay debater/partnership:Emporia PH or SMNW KO


Aff: Kapaun LP




Prettiest speaker: Julian


Fastest: R E E M


Most annoying: Jerry Wong


Best 1A: Rachel


Best 2A: Emmanuel or Sumaya


Best 1N: Danish


Best 2N: Eleanor


Most likely to do well next year: WaRu KePe


Judge: Birzer or Hegna


Underrated team: BVN AC or BVW VS


Best K debater: Azja Butler


PTX debater: Bobby Phillips


T debater: Nate Martin


Most likely NDT champ: Mickey


Most likely 18-19 DCI champ: Jenks/Issac Apple


Nicest debater: Nico


Best Evidence: Ireland 16 or May 5 (amount of Nietzsche I hit was off the wall)


Best argument: STATES or T courts


Worst argument: K's


Best K: Neolib (if Ted is reading this Nietzsche)


Best Aff: RTE


Best excuse for losing: was so unclear literally no-one could flow me


Best tournament for hanging out: KCKCC or DCI


Best human being: Olivia Bishop


Most likely glow up: Salem Clemens


Best meme: Chris Lucas or Freestate newspaper that forgot BVN existed

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I am from Ohio, what is T courts?

It says funding must be Congressional action and regulation must be executive action ergo an Affirmative that acts through the Supreme Court can't be topical.

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