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On the Topic of Memes

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I'm going to be going to a lay tournament soon, and I mean really lay.  If anyone has arguments that are memes or are about memes that they'd be willing to share, I would appreciate them very much.  

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Technichally USFG (All caps) Refers to the United States Faceters Guild. 

Heres the stuff. 

Plan Flaw Interpretation: The USFG is the United States Faceters Guild

Usfacetersguild.org 15 "About Us – United States Faceters Guild." Usfacetersguild.org. 29 Oct. 2015. Web. 31 Aug. 2017. <https://usfacetersguild.org/about-us/>

About Us Our Constitution lists our purposes as (1) to promote the art, skill, and teaching of faceting; (2) to expand the knowledge of natural and laboratory-made crystals; (3) to develop and promote uniform rules for faceting competitions within the US and among other countries; (4) to sponsor or assist in managing competitions; and (5) to serve as a national repository and clearing house for faceting designs, published materials, and general information for faceters everywhere. An equally important objective of the USFG is to advance the skills of faceters who want to achieve as close to perfection as possible. One of the best ways to approach perfection is to enter competitions where skilled judging denotes perfection, or via “private assessment.” We are working on a system to allow members to have stones critiqued by a qualified master cutter. Our organization had its beginning as the USA Competition Faceters in January 1990, when it was proposed as a support group for the USA team in the Australian Faceting Challenge. Our first newsletter appeared in April 1991. At that time, the goals were expanded to include compiling a set of rules for Single Stone Competitions. Since that time, we have established a comprehensive set of Single Stone Rules to assist in encouraging greater uniformity in the judging of single stone competitions.

The plan text does not fiat United States federal government action, but rather action from the United States Faceters Guild – two implications

1.Solvency deficit – they can’t do shit if it’s the Faceters Guild instead of the federal government. Don’t let them access any of their impacts because all of their solvency is gone.

2.Real World DA – small mistakes in real legislation can have huge effects on the governmental process – typos can cost huge amounts of money or kill a bill that may have passed – vote neg on the plan flaw to discourage the habit of ignoring small mistakes – the devil is in the details.


CP CP (change USFG to United States Federal Government)


Small mistakes have huge legislative consequences-turns case

Heath 06 Brad, USA Today, 11-21-06, http://www.usatoday.com/news/nation/2006-11-20-typo-problems_x.htm

In the legislative world, such small errors, while uncommon, can carry expensive consequences. In a few cases around the nation this year, typos and other blunders have redirected millions of tax dollars or threatened to invalidate new laws.In Hawaii, for instance, lawmakers approved a cigarette-tax increase to raise money for medical care and research. Cancer researchers, however, will get only an extra 1.5 cents next year — instead of the more than $8 million lawmakers intended. That's because legislators failed to specify that they should get 1.5 cents from each cigarette sold, says Linda Smith, an adviser to Gov. Linda Lingle.

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