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PSA to college debaters

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hey all,


if we could please stop reading the torrence data centralization card, that would be fantastic.


Why you might ask?


Well, it was written by a high school student, for their school newspaper. Don't believe me? check the cite



Andrew Torrance 3-24, Staff Writer, 3-24-2017, "Life, Liberty, and Minor Complaints: Single-payer health care," Knight Errant, http://bsmknighterrant.org/2017/03/24/life-liberty-and-minor-complaints-single-payer-health-care/


Furthermore, a single-payer health care system would create a cooperative, comprehensive medical database for all patient and medical records. In the current system, Health Maintenance Organizations and insurance companies privately possess their own patient records, and these are accessible solely to people within the company; this hinders medical research on what causes certain diseases. If doctors and researchers could examine the entirety of a population affected by a certain medical condition and the procedures that aid in the treatment of said condition, remarkable steps could be taken towards curing a multitude of diseases



seriously, follow the link to bsm knight errant. BSM stands for Benilde-St. Margaret's, a catholic high school in missouri


As far as I know, this card has been used by teams from Kentucky, Missouri State, Wyoming, Berkeley, and Georgia. we as a community should really do better than this. having numerous programs reading a card written by a high schooler, knowingly or not (not sure which would be worse), is sad. 


just thought i'd point that out for yall. good luck with the rest of your seasons

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