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When should I kick the alt and run the Kritik as an non-unique DA

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So as the title suggests, I run kritiks. I know that the alternative is always the weakest part of the kritik and often time is vague. I have been in rounds where the judge voted my team down for going for the kritik in the 2NR, but my mentor also told me to never kick the alt. So under what situation should I kick the alt and let's say go for the link turn? 

Thank you

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The alt is a strong part of the kritik if deployed effectively, but there are a couple of scenarios where you might want to get rid of it.


1. If they are too far ahead of you on the perm for you to win the perm debate. In this situation, the judge can just decide to vote for them on the perm which isn't good for you. You can probably kick the alt and go for the k as a case turn in this scenario, depending on your judge. If you're winning the link and impact debates, then this might be a good strategy. If you're just really behind on most of the k, you have a few choices

      A. Cry

      B. Kick the whole k and go for case offense or another off case

            -This could be useful if you decide to go for T or FW, because you can say that you didn't have a link to the K so they should lose

      C. Go all in on the link and impact and nothing else

           -If you spend a ton of time on the alt, then you won't have enough time to win the link and impact debates and the alt is worthless . You should focus more on winning the impact and link, which at least gives the judge a reason to vote the aff down.

2. If the alt is bad

     A. Don't read that alt

     B. Be tricky and morph the alt into something slightly better (if you're a k debater then this should be easy)

     C. Go for link/impact

     D. Go for something else and leverage the k as lost ground

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